New Routines have to be created: March 9th – 15th

This week starts with a powerful Full Moon in earthy Virgo, Babes!!
Have you already received your very own, unique message on the weekend? Yes? No?
Well, if no – than this is your day!

This powerful Full Moon in Virgo created at 06:47 PM, Berlin time and it’s all about your daily life, your habit, routines, work, as well as health and state of healing. And all of this in relation to your faith, believes, as well as fears.
A lot? YES, but also it’s all connected right?

As with every Full Moon it’s about letting go, to start the second part of the manifestation cycle free from doubts, limiting emotions and feelings.
So I want you to ask yourself:
What are you allowed to let go of when it comes to your habits, the things you do on a very day base? What are your routines? Is there a routine in your life?
If not – create one! One, that isn’t directly connected with your working situation, success or your future planning. Rather create one, that helps you to connect more and more with your inner world, your intuition, as well as with higher energies.

It’s about letting go of too much pressure and perfectionism!!!

You don’t have to always function and every time!
You don’t have to DO every time!
We are in Pisces Season and the opposition of the Sun in intuitive Pisces and the Moon in constantly doing Virgo wants you to create balance between those two topics in your life!
Pisces Season wants you to TRUST, to FEEL and to just BE!
In which areas are you doing too much? In which areas do you think too much?
Is there a topic, where you put too much pressure on? Maybe it also feels like not flowing right now?
Give it rest! Give it time! Load your energies, as well as all the energies around your specific topic to start with full power with the following New Moon in fiery, driven Aries!
Allow yourself to rest and trust!

The following day, March 10th, the Moon leaves Virgo to enter harmonious Libra. A good time to make peace with your Full Moon topics, as well as Mercury ends its retrograde! A hooray for all of our technical devices and big decisions! We are still in its post shadow phase until March 30th, so if you still feel unsure about a topic and have the chance to wait – do so!

And to be honest, nothing more excited happens this week. No further big or challenging connections or changes. And that’s somehow also good. We already experienced a lot and it also represents the current time energy of resting and not doing too much.
The Moon will b from March 12th to 14th in deep, intense Scorpio and this is a good time to get passionate into detail, especially when it comes to inner soul work. And the rest of the weekend, starting with lunchtime of Saturday, the 14th, will be in adventurous Sagittarius.

The following week will be full of new challenges and changes, so use this week to rest, reflect and create some new supporting rituals when it comes to connecting with a higher power. The higher power that already lives in yourself.

Love you!

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