The week of SPRING EQUINOX: March 16th – 22nd

Here we are again! I hope you all are healthy and doing fine. Time is mad right now – but all of this happens for a reason. The world started to clean herself, as hard as it seems – it is necessarily and nature is always stronger than human. Latest studies already reveal how climate is changing to a better state in countries of crisis and as all of the astrologers already said at the beginning of this year: major changes will arrive so that the world can live again. In this is where we are currently in. Everything will change. The way we work, love and live. Everything will wander inwards again in this is also the topic of the Moon year – that by the way starts with March 21st. So everything makes sense, right?

Use this time to even reflect more. Focus on what and most of it who you truly love and slow down. The universe wants us to see and feel again to realize where we are right now and where we have to go.

Expect major breakthroughs this year – most of it in the end and in the fields of technology, medicine and everything about the digital world. But for now it is about to rest …

So in spite of that – How was your fiery weekend?
I enjoyed a lot of Kundalini, painting & meditating to reflect on our current situation and of course also my new morning practice routine, that I started with the last Full Moon.

So we still are in this fiery Sagittarius energy until the evening, as the Moon will leave Sagittarius to enter ambitious Capricorn.
Until Thursday, March 19th, we will therefor be more focused and grounded. A perfect energy to make yourself ready for the new Cycle and SPRING, what will start with March 20th!
But before we also have another event happening – Mercury entering Pisces again!
When? On Monday, March 16th, as well as we will experience the last quarter of our Moon.
Wow, that’s a lot!
Time to wake up, after the last week, where it was kind of easygoing (despite corona panic)…

So yes, Mercury finds itself back in Pisces and therefore our mind and communication will be again more guided by the universe. A time starts again, to not make decisions out of what would be best for the future, for your business, for – whatever – but to make a decision out of your heart, what feels good for you now.

Trust your gut – it’s always right!

Also check in: Do you already know what message Mercury Retrograde needed from the rebellious and future orientated Aquarius energy?
And if yes – how can you use it now for all your further plannings and decisions?

Maybe it helps when the Moon enters Aquarius on Thursday, March 19th. Until Saturday she will stay in its energy, so use it for already getting into the new Cycle, your new visions, as with March 20th, we start a fresh new Cycle. The Sun enters Aries and therefor the first one of the zodiac signs. This is the welcome for spring time and a day, many of us are longing for. Our main energy will be more loaded again, motivated and ready to start something new! We will feel the spring starting to grow in ourselves, and we start to be totally back at our power! That sounds good, right but can we use it and will it be allowed to use it? We will see…

Another event that happens this day is a very delightful connection of Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn. And with this powerful connection expect some extra energy and power to come!
Why? Mars is the planet of willpower, motivation of movement and when in strongly connects with Jupiter, our planet of growth and expansion – this is what is coming into movement! Positive, good energy that bring good changes, growth into our life will be activated! Maybe we do not understand all of this energy, that is currently activated, because we find ourselves in a different situation. But  as it’s in Capricorn, this helps us a lot when planning our visions, structures and finding security! It’s a great time to already think about the new cycle and what you want to do in spring time! We are also coming closer to the New Moon in Aries and the complete start of the new cycle. You can already connect with your New Moon wishes and create some kind of plan for it – but also stay open for how they will expand as the last week of March will be kind of turbulent!

On Saturday 21st, the Moon will enter at afternoon Pisces and this is also the main energy of the whole weekend. A great time to bring some peace and calmness into your soul before totally getting into Aries energy, with the New Moon at the beginning of the following week.

On Sunday 22nd, we will experience a major event that changes the energy around rules and structures, majorities and authorities, as well as in the digital world and all of our networks, technology, the digital world and our social communities. Why? Saturn leaves its beloved home sign Capricorn (for now!) to enter individual Aquarius! This will change with May, as Saturn will wander back, but until then everything around these topics will change completely, and we already feel it since the big boom of the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. The energy that was created then is now allowed to be completely transformed, changed into new, future orientated energies. In your very own beautiful universe, but we will also experience in the outer world and to be honest, this change is already totally in creation!!
So what does this twist mean for you?
Journal, speak about it, activate your mind and soul. The Moon helps you, as she will be in Gemini on Sunday. Check in with the topic of your rules, orders, authorities and structures. What is allowed to change to fit better to your individual soul?

With this question I leave you to your own and say goodbye!
We will see each other at New Moon again!
Love, Lori

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