The Loaded Energy Week: March 23rd – 29th

Hello my Love and welcome to the first New Moon Week of this new cycle!!
This one feels so different and somehow strange to all the other New Moons. We will celebrate our first New Moon of this Cycle, and normally this one is so strong and powerful – and yes, she still is, but also kind of more aggressive, as well as focused on more different topics than usual. Also although of all this intense energies, she somehow also feels so much lighter, right? This is because she is a Micro Moon and therefore not that close to the Earth. Therefore, also her energies are more soft.
For me personally, normally I truly LOVE and already wait like a little child for every New Moon, but right now it feels hard for me to concentrate, sit still and the other moment I feel out of energy and want to sleep. Yes, kind of Aries energy – but still: more loaded. How are you feeling right now? Would love to hear about it. Lately I was thinking about having a MOONIVERSE BABES WhatsApp Group to stay even closer in contact with all of you. What do you think about it? Let me know via instagram, WhatsApp, or whatever you wish for.

This start of the week may feel a little bit low and slow at the beginning – this is the Pisces Moon we still are in, but trust me, this week will be pretty much in movement and somehow it already is until the last few weeks! And also on this Monday, although you are feeling sleepy and still flying in another universe – you have to get yourself back into the NOW, as we will experience a kind of difficult connection at the beginning of the new week!

I already talked about it in the podcast, so I won’t go that deep into it here, as otherwise I would write for hours, but Mars will create a conjunction with the planet of destruction and construction Pluto and this is a very intense and loud boom. Mars activates all the shadows, destructive and deep energy of Pluto and this can be transformed in a very rough and aggressive reaction of people. People may feel negative, extreme and driven to deep, intense destructive energies and therefor actions, that weren’t planed and can be very heavy! So this will be VERY EXTREME!!


And once destroyed there is no coming back. So many energies are already safed in all of us and these days an explosion is activated. We already saw it again in nature. Astrologer forecasted that the plates of the Earth will move, as the power of those two planets combined are EXTREME! And so they did in Croatia, very close to a nuclear power station.

Please use your emotions and energies wisely and very consciously these days, as well as in the following week. Many shadows will come to surface and the universe will send us even more challenges to face.
So take good care when being in contact with people! And don’t forget that also YOU feel subconsciously these energies. So take good care of the way you think, feel and therefor act. Use this energy wisely by knowing that Mars activates dark topics around, as also within you that want to be transformed and recreated in a new and positive way!

This is a very unusual energy when it comes to the days around a New Moon. But maybe this has to happen, so that we make different decisions and visions at this special first New Moon of the new cycle?
We will see…
Fact is, that a New Moon in fiery Aries is created on Tuesday, March 24th at 10:28 AM, Berlin time. So yayyyy! This will be a morning New Moon and I personally loooove it when New Moons are created in the morning. Of course this is also the perfect time for you to create a New Moon Ritual, but the Moon will be in powerful Aries until Thursday morning, so create it whenever it feels good for you. Topic is of course: New Start! New Beginning! New Future! New World! Normally it’s all about unfolding yourself and your vision, but also make it bigger this time by especially focusing on the whole thing as well!!

As beloved Hermann Hesse said:
“Every new beginning carries some magic within.”

What’s also good to know is that the following day this New Moon will create an intense connection with Chiron, our planet that symbolizes our deepest wounds that want to be healed in this life. So with this new beginning, you are also allowed to connect yourself with your very own wound, that was mostly created in the past, when you were a child but is also often related to past life… Look at your Birth Chart to see what topics are around your Chiron and also connect with it in the days around this New Moon to heal it with this new Moon month, as well as new situation we are in.

At the noon of Thursday, March 26th, the Moon leaves her New Moon energies to enter the lovely vibes of Taurus and until Sunday, we are flowing into the topics of values what are SO needed right now!! We are building new values right now! We are building a new system of values right now! Everything is changing and what we focus on is what we TRULY love!
We also receive some support for all of these topics as well as in healing of letting go of the old, as Venus creates a harmonious connection on Saturday with Jupiter and on Sunday with Pluto. So around everything we love and value, we are allowed to heal, to grow and transform. Isn’t that beautiful? And the world feels it too.
So many changes are already on the way.

We carry the outer universe in our inner universe and we flow and grow with her.
Get into tune with your universe and warmly welcome rest, as well as transformation and new beginnings!
We are in this together and if the world finally wakens up, this is the biggest chance for our home planet Earth to heal!

Stay at home, take great care of yourself, your beloved ones, as well as your energies and let us just step one step backwards to NOT do too much, but to give the outer world, as well as the inner world the chance to rest and heal as well.
Deep love,

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