Changes Changes Changes: March 30th – April 5th

How was your weekend in Venus energy? Already a little bit more lovely although everything else still feels different and new?
Ready for some new changes?
Happy to deliver!

Let’s start!
On Monday, 30th of March, Mars is changing his energies by wandering into Aquarius. Perfect to support the transformation of structures and rules that Saturn is staring to create!
And even more, as they will have a great connection the following day, on Tuesday, 31st of March! WOW!
So all the changes that are related to leaving old patterns behind to create new ones for our future will be now activated! Can you already feel it? What are your old patterns and structures that want to be recreated? Get into movement and connect with this topic! Until noon, it’s great to connect with these topics through your realistic and reasonable mind – that’s great! Better thing: At noon you are allowed to connect with them intuitively by just feeling and doing. Why? The Moon enters emotional Cancer and therefore connects you even more with your subconscious mind, as well as your soul desire.

On Wednesday, the first of April, we find ourselves in the first quarter of the Moon – and this is no April joke! And yes, you know what this means. Especially when the Moon is in her home sign Cancer!
Big emotions, insecurities and worries about your future, your wishes and in general about yourself!
With people you love and who love you, with big cuddles, warm romantically bath tube times, a good music dance and big cup of hot chocolate. Yes! This is exactly what you need right now! Trust me! You will feel better afterwards!

On Thursday, April 2nd, the Moon will enter Leo in the evening and the following two days will be already easier and most of it, full of power, as we find ourselves in a double fire energy of the Sun and the Moon.

On Friday, April 3rd Venus leaves her beloved Taurus to stay for some while in the air sign Gemini. Expect a lot of love talk to come and maybe even some chitty-chatty around relations, who connect with whom – a lot of gossip talk around the topic love and relations, as Geminis love to always know what’s new! Also if you want to start a new education around something you love? Do so! The following five weeks will be very supportive and getting new wisdom!

The following day will be great to experience a big “Oh, now I’ve got it!”-Moment, as Mercury conjuncts Neptune! Those two planets are completely different, as at Mercury it’s all about clarity when at Neptune it’s kind of foggy and dreamy. But sometimes, connection of both of these topics are just what we need, right?
Ask the universe for sending you signs! Be clear in your communication and widely open for receiving answers in any kind of way! Meditate, create a sign to receive, journal, do yoga, sports, be in nature, dance, sleep and most of it – communicate! Communicate with other, the universe, or yourself! Get into it and receive!

And here we are, already at the last day of the week – Sunday, April 5th. The Moon already is in grounded and well organized Virgo and maybe you will also experience healing when it comes to some very personal and heavy topics that were activated with the universe events of last week. Are you ready to heal? As Jupiter and Pluto wants you to!
Find some time for your inner world, create a little ritual or soul time, where it’s just you and your feelings. What is allowed to be healed in order to grow?

This week is powerful and now you are ready for it!
Sending lots of Taurus vibes your way!

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