The closest Super Full Moon of the Year Week: April 06th – 12th

Howdy to our Super SUPER Full Moon week with some extra portion transition shift!

You already have enough and do not want any more changes? Sorry, April is full of it and so is the whole year! Good thing: We are all in this together and the meaning of ONENESS will grow even bigger! So you don’t have to go through this alone! Find your true values, find the people who are honoring the same values, who a floating together with you, YOUR community and you will experience great support!

We are coming from a weekend with this MAJOR Jupiter Pluto conjunction, that was created close to Pallas Phena and Chariklo (listen to the Full Moon in Libra Podcast to get to know more about it) and I really have to say, that I experienced very strong energies in myself as also in others. Somehow of feeling, that everything is too much and at the same time being pretty much low at energy, having headache, and experiencing high tension in body, mind and soul. Not to mention my dog, that was a real power bundle.
Well, let me tell you that the energies will be even more loaded the closer we come to the Super Full Moon, that is created on Wednesday, April 8th at 04:34 AM, Berlin time at 18° in Libra.

So the Weeks starts in kind of well organized energy (can we even say this in phases like these?) with the Moon being in structured and wise Virgo. A good time to start the week with a morning ritual, your daily routines that bring structure and order, but also safety and balance into your mind and soul. This is what we need in phases of change. Our very own routines that support us in our inner growth. When everything around you is moving quickly and with thunder and storm, find safety in peace in your inner home, your soul.
What can you do on a daily base, that especially supports you in pre-time of this intense Full Moon to come. If you already listened to my Full Moon in Libra Podcast you know that the days around this Full Moon want to be used as a Self Love Retreat, a constant Date with Yourself! So do something good for yourself. Even though many of you currently feel like NOT having the time for travelling inside, please know it is always YOU who makes the decision to NOT have time. Maybe you just change the wording to:

“Today I am so grateful and thankful for having enough time for connecting with my soul, my emotions and feelings, my desires, myself. I am so grateful and thankful for living in the now, being completely aware of what is happening inside me and I choose love over fear. I choose to see my current situation as a present for my inner growth.”

You will see, suddenly you will find time. You will do things differently, decide differently. I also felt left out of still having even more work than before all of this happened. Since I started to say these sentences every day in my morning ritual to myself, I set different priorities and more: Beautiful opportunities are coming my way, like my husband having great ideas what we could do together to not always work. I create new values. One of the topics of the upcoming Full Moon in Libra.

The Moon will wander into lovely Libra in the night to Tuesday, April 7th and will stay until March 8th, 10:17 PM, creating the Super Full Moon on 04:34 AM. Find all the detailed information to this Full Moon in the Podcasts, but to keep it short: The topics of your relations, mostly to yourself, as well as to your values and the topics of justice and balance on Earth want to be worked through.

Mars is also squaring off with Uranus, that creates an even more impulsive energy. So be very conscious about what you are saying and doing the days around this Full Moon. You may regret it later, if doing things too quickly!
Try to think before doing and also be aware of how you think what! I want you to choose a lovely and kind mindset when talking to yourself!

After Wednesday, April 8th and this super loaded Full Moon, the energies will finally get a little bit slower and more calm again. The Moon finds herself in deep Scorpio and it’s a great time to reflect and to dive inside. A time to breathe, to still let go and to give yourself a little rest for some days. At least until Saturday, April 11th, as the Moon will find herself then in fiery, adventurous Sagittarius and Mercury, our planet of communication will leave dreamy Pisces to enter wild and loud Aries! So expect that everything around communication will become more fiery and activated. Maybe you feel the desire to talk about what you realized in this intense week, maybe you want to share your new visions. Whatever it is – You feel more driven to future and to make new plans. I guess we needed the darkness and the Full Moon bringing light into this darkness to enlighten what needed to be released and to empower what wants to grow – NOW!
But still – Aries energy is very impulsive and you may make decisions or actions to quickly! So be aware of that energy that is currently around, and try to think at least once when talking about something important.

The whole weekend will be in a very fiery energy – a great time to get things done, be creative and move your body. Paint your home, do yoga and also read a good to broaden your mind and ground yourself a little bit.

That’s it for now, see you again next week.
Love to the Moon,

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