The Breakdown for Enlightenment Week: April 13th – 19th

Hello Moon Babe, how was your Easter Weekend with the Moon in fiery Sagittarius? Did you enjoy the hot and spicy Sun and Moon energy? Also, with Mercury entering fiery Aries? Yes! DRIBBLE FIRE ENERGY!
This weekend was so much about reflecting, realizing, expanding our mind and DOING things to achieve a higher level of being. May it be emotionally, physically or mental. We are currently moving so much in our inner world, learning, growing and sooner or later it will reach the surface and therefore our reality in changes and results in our life.
Did they already pop up this weekend?
If not – everything is a process and when you are ready the universe will serve.

Ask and receive.

This week we will be catapulted back to our vision, to our working situation and the Moon in Capricorn wants us to create structures and a deeper meaning, as well as plan for what we want to bring into the outer world. We will feel more grounded, rooted and focused and I guess this is exactly what we need – especially when a Quarter Moon is around the corner.
And well, the last Quarter of this Moon month will be created already on Tuesday, April 14th and with Wednesday, April 15th the Moon enters rebellious air sign Aquarius.

The Moon, as well as Pluto will create a high tension with the Sun these days. So the Moon already will be very close to Pluto, creating a conjunction in the night of Wednesday. So if you feel intense, extreme, being very emotional, connecting subconsciously with hard and difficult topics, maybe as well with your past – know it’s “normal” and many other people are feeling similar right now as well. And more: See it as a beautiful sign that you are truly connected with our beloved mother Moon and the whole universe, as you are flowing with the energies of her.
These days around the last Quarter Moon are perfect for diving even deeper into your soul desires, your journey of self reflection and awareness. You can already ask yourself: What went good this Moon month? And where do I struggle with a specific topic? Why am I struggle with certain topics and how can I create inner peace again?
Rest, reflect and focus on the good. Because everything is happening for a reason. And this is also what the universe wants us to know, see and experience these days as the Sun also creates a challenging connection with Jupiter, our planet of luck and expansion.
So yes, of course, the time we currently live in is everything but easy. But what, if this is exactly what we need right now, to grow and to finally explore and find our deeper meaning of being?
And is it a coincidence that also the same day Mercury creates a conjunction with Chiron, the Asteroid of our deepest wound? While we dive deep into Pluto and Moon Energy we may are allowed to receive big important indications of what is limiting us for over such a long time now and how we can let go to finally heal.
We are changing for good and I guess some months or years ahead from now you will look back at this phase of change and you will be massively grateful for it.

Wow – these days are powerful, right?
Maybe you already feel it before (as I for example always do). Maybe the realization will happen only days or weeks afterwards. IT’S A LOT NOW and our subconscious mind is constantly working. This is also why still so many of you have sleep problems or very weird and awkward, strenuous dreams. We are allowed to give ourselves so much time to rest and just be.

Alright, let’s wander further.
On Friday, April 17th the Moon will leave future driven Aquarius at the evening to stay the whole weekend in dreamy, hopeful and creative Pisces. A great time to even slow down more and to connect with your intuition. To have long walks in nature, draw, write, sing, dance, meditate – what ever your soul is desiring now. We are slowly ending this first Moon month of the new astrological year, preparing ourselves for the New Moon in Taurus to come, that invites a new Moon month. And we will also start our next 21 days of Abundance journey and I couldn’t be more excited for it!
On Sunday, April 19th we already receive the first glimpse of the new Moon month as the Sun is leaving Aries to enter Taurus and therefore the main energies and topics are changing to a more natural vibe of love, self-worth, abundance and the very good life of pleasure, luxury and also money!
Excited to travel with you, amazing Babes!
And excited for this new week!

Love you deeply!

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