The golden Money New Moon in Taurus Money Week: April 20th – 26th

Welcome in Taurus Season, magical Star!
Do you already feel a kind of shift in the energy?
I guess I definitely do, because I am coming closer to my Sun today and the Sun in Taurus feels like home to me!
Grounding, connecting with nature and the beauty of life, enjoying pleasures and manifesting everything you desire into your life!
And this week we already dive deeper into the energy of Taurus, as in the middle of the week a New Moon in Taurus is created and therefore we completely start the new Moon Month of Taurus energy! I warmly welcome you also to celebrate this New Moon together at the Live Stream of magical RA MA Mallorca on Thursday, 23rd! Follow the news on Instagram for detailed information!

So but let’s start with the energies and topics of this week!
So we are coming out of a very dreamy and creative Pisces Moon weekend and this lovely energy of diving away on puffy clouds will definitely end with Monday, April 20th, as the Moon enters motivation driven Aries. We will feel more energized and empowered to get things done, or at least – to do things. Aries brings fire into our inner world and everything about movement will be activated. So maybe you will feel in the following weeks, that you desire to move your body more. May it be by dancing, doing yoga or sports or just walking up and down in your home. As yes, this Aries Moon energy also kind of creates restlessness and this is also what will become more strong the closer we wander to the end of April.
Restlessness and the feeling of wanting to break free – to rebel against isolation, to show yourself again!
Saturn in Aquarius squaring off with Uranus in Taurus – will be very strong this we, but also in the following weeks. This connection and energy may create new financial and economic issues popping up – new structures and ways of how we work with our surroundings, as well as our money want to be created.

We feel it strong on Tuesday, April 21st, when the Suns is also starting to square off with Saturn. But we feel it even stronger when the New Moon in Taurus is created at 3° degrees, close to Uranus 6° degrees in Taurus and all of them squaring off with Saturn in Aquarius.
It’s not a usual lazy, lovely, easy New Moon in Taurus – but this one wants to be worked with differently (as nearly every star event in 2020)!
Changes in your values, your self-love, self-worth, money, the good and beautiful life, wealth and abundance want to be made! And maybe the first thing to change is to work on the connection and feeling you have when it comes to these topics?
All of them are major and connected, because also only if you know your worth and if you that you are so worthy to receive, you truly have the power to manifest like crazy wild and big!
And the whole connection wants to be changed now! Old patterns of how you think and feel about these topics want to be left behind, to start a new, supportive and beautiful one. And the universe really want you to think and manifest long term and BIG – as this is Taurean energy.
Find more on this topic, as well as how to create your very own New Moon in Taurus Ritual at the MOONIVERSE CLUB.
So a big phase of change in your worthiness to receive abundance, wealth, growth and love in your life! This is powerful beautiful, right? And the perfect timing to start our 21 Days of Abundance Journey!

Also, Mercury in Aries is squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn – so expect some uneasy topics or even secrets to be discussed in this week when it comes to leader or people with greater power.

The Moon will leave sensual Taurus in the morning of Saturday, April 25 to enter chatty Gemini, and we are ready to communicate more about what we experienced. We desire to show ourselves again, after these intense days of inner work. We want to socialize again, to catch up with our friends and to talk about what’s new. What has changed and what are new ideas to think and talk about?

This Saturday will also be very powerful, as Pluto will start to wander backwards. And he will be in retrograde until October 4th – so yes, it’s a long time of diving deep into our soul, connecting even more intense with all the transformation that was going on in our outer world. Now it’s time to do the big inner work. Especially when so many other planets will follow in May.
This will be a phase where the BIGGEST transformation will be created. It won’t be that easy, but as always – it’s on you on how you work with uneasy topics. If you run away or focus even deeper in order to transform them.
This journey will have many ups and downs, ups and downs – but that’s life. And at the end of the year, everything will make sense. I know it’s still long to go, but it will make more sense with each and every day.
If you feel darkness coming up, appreciate it and know that a change is going on.

At Sunday, April 26th the Sun conjuncts with Uranus and Mercury is squaring off with Jupiter.
So expect some positive changes and use the power of connecting and communicating, as this may be the way on how you will receive a message that brings you closer to take the next step into a new direction.

But YOU’ve got this, WE’ve got this!
We are all in this together, and I am over excited to dive into the New Moon in Taurus together with you at our Monthly Community Call!

I love you, Babes!
Happy to see you soon!

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