The Cosmic Lightening Week: April 27th – May 03rd

Magical Babe, how were the first days with Pluto being Retrograde, Mercury squaring off? When we look at the world – we definitely saw major secrets popping up, finally reaching the surface to be communicated to the outer world!

So here we are.
With the Sun being now in Taurus, the first planet starting to wander backwards and 3 more to come in May. WOW.
But let’s start with this last week of April creating the transition to May.

This week starts with the main energies of Earth and Air, as the Sun finds himself in Taurus, the Moon still in Gemini and the planet of Gemini – Mercury also wandering into Taurus.
This creates a perfect energy to think grounded and practical, to work on your New Moon Manifestations and to create all the further steps for your wishes to grow. Use your brain, communicate and work on your base, to create a fertile ground to get forward.
Remember, that the first 2 weeks of this new Moon Cycle are the most powerful ones and afterwards the planets will wander backwards, therefore also the power and energy. SO USE THIS TIME WISELY!

In the evening, the Moon enters emotional Cancer, and we may need some coziness, hot chocolate, hugs and Netflix to chill. Expect to be more sensitive, emotional, but also intuitive for the following few days.
On Tuesday, April 28th Mercury squares off shortly with Saturn in Aquarius. We can use this connection to form and create new ways for our vision, but still we may find some challenges of getting into the right, supportive mindset. We are super emotional anyways, the first Quarter Moon is just in front of us as well and Saturn with Saturn we are sometimes too strict with ourselves… Get back into the flow of faith and intuition. If it feels good – go into. If not – go on.

If you haven’t found the breakthrough for your vision, or for whatever you are desiring to plan, start and create – watch out for the days around May 1st, as yes – May starts with a white lightening straight out of the universe! THIRD EYE OPEN, BABE!
Why? On Friday, May 1st Mercury is wandering forwards, meeting Uranus in Taurus and therefore both of them create some magical super power!
On this day, communicate a lot, may it be in words, thoughts, your soul, your subconscious mind, your writings – or however you wish for! You may receive some very important messages straight of the cosmic that help you massively in taking the next steps!

And yes, we are still in the Quarter Moon in Leo, but that shall not stop you from believing in your power as YOU GOT IT, BABE! And as the Moon is in Leo, I guess this helps us a lot to empower ourselves even more to go on, no matter which challenges appear – they are here to serve us even more, to bring us closer to where we shall be. Trust. Ask. Receive.

The whole weekend the Moon will be in earthy Virgo, so we will have a great time to ground ourselves, get real with ourselves and to just be. Spend as much time as you can outdoors in nature. We are in a double Earth Energy, so fill your cups with a lot of earthing, forest bathing, sooth yourself with the freshness of spring, the soft flowers that start to bloom – as they are a symbol of you.
If you want to gt back into some good old routines that support your daily work-life balance and flow, you will definitely receive some extra support for starting your day early, doing a little work out, a little meditation in the morning and choosing an apple over a big bowl of ice cream. Although, nope. That may not work, as Taurus energy will still be TOO intense. But you can try! 🙂

So, new week – new opportunities! You got this, Babe!
I believe in you!
Happy new week!

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