The Rebirth Week: May 04h – 10th

Hello my beautiful Love and welcome to the new week – our Full Moon in Scorpio Week and the Week where our Lunar Nodes are changing! So again (but what else do we expect) – A BIG ONE!

But let’s start with Monday, May 4th. Did someone said: “40 Days of golden Wealth & Abundance Journey with chanting and manifesting with Lakshmi”?

Are you in?

Lakshmi changed my whole life for good when I started to work with her over 1 year ago. I started once – and never ended. Yes, EVERY DAY chanting her mantra 108 times and I still LOVE IT! For you it’s only 40 Days but who knows, maybe she will also stay at your side for a little bit longer.

Also we start this week with the Moon in Libra, bringing balance and harmony and some extra portion VENUS LOVE! As if we wouldn’t already have enough because of the Taurus Sun, but still – Love is what we all need right now.

Especially with this big transformation and rebirth we experience with the following Full Moon in Scorpio.

So on this Monday as well Venus in Gemini starts to build a tension to Neptune in Pisces and this will hold on for a quite long time, as Venus start to wander backwards, coming to this same connections again again throughout her Retrograde.

So what energy does this constellation creates?

Let me keep it this way: A very longingly, romantically one – yearning for LOVE, CONNECTION, ALIGNMENT, PEACE & TOGETHERNESS. Wow. We will be tested pretty much the following few weeks. We are seeking so much for the higher picture, may it be in relations or in general connections and this can feel in times like these very frustrating. We are blocked out and Venus in Gemini already wants to socialize, communicate and get together. With Neptune really desiring to dive deeper, to also connect more on a deeper and higher frequence of alignment. And when Venus starts to wander backwards again on May 13th we will experience even more inner transformations, tests and shifts, especially in this new situation.

You can use this energy for good, for even become more aware of what you desire in life – use it for creating your vision boards, getting into your great picture and knowing your worth!

What you are allowed to learn: To not put so much pressure onto yourself, as well as onto others – know that everything we feel right now is very intense and give yourself time and peace to get into it.

And if this wasn’t enough – Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Taurus creating a lightning in our mind! Ask yourself: How can I use my mind, my voice, my thoughts, my hands, my work to receive a message for my further steps?

So on Tuesday, May 5th the big lunar nodes are leaving their signs of the Capricorn-Cancer Constellation to wander into Sagittarius-Gemini.

With this movement a big collective shift of energy for the following 18 month is invited that will become stronger the longer we arrive in its energy.

The lunar nodes release the energy of the old and the new, of what we have to leave behind to arise in where we shall be. In the last days of the Capricorn-Cancer constellations we learned that with some massive impacts with the universe teaching us to leave the old ways of thinking, being and acting – our old habits and structures (Capricorn) behind to find our purest self in our soul (Cancer). Also we were allowed to find pleasure in our emotions and feelings, our heart desires while being forced to stay at home – connected with family or the ones we truly love. And we are kind of forced to focus inwards, to insecurities to heal them, especially with the last Taurus Sun energies of empowering our values and self worth.

All of this Cancer topics.

Good, now we are shifting into a deeper Sagittarius-Gemini energy, where it’s all about connecting, cooperating, using and developing our mind, knowledge to reach higher wisdom and energies. It’s about communicating, learning, growing, socializing in new forms and orders – the internet, digital devices with the community that supports you to grow massively. It’s about inviting your inner child again, to be curious about everything to come, open minded, ready to constantly learn and grow!

What we are allowed to leave behind is, to follow only one true path of knowledge, holding onto only one truth, but also flowing too much into highest spheres. Yes, the cosmos opens more and more up to invite spirituality into our lives – still people will desire facts, knowledge – they want to truly understand it. Not only with their mind, but with all senses, with their third eye but also with their hands – all together! They still seek for a more solid base for the new era to come! 

What will also change for the following 18 months – no more long travels, but short local ones. Everything will turn in general more locally, may it come to travelling, but also to handcrafts, businesses, corporations and co.

All of this – big topic that will receive a deeper focus in another podcast or video for you.

The same with the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday, May 7th – as this one is already working massively right? An no wonder why – I mean it’s again a Super Full Moon – the 3rd in row AND in Scorpio wanting us to completely shift massively, being rebirthed again!

Focus on the shadow, what still holds you down to enter the new. More to it in your special Full Moon in Scorpio Podcast!

With Friday, May 8th the Moon wanders into fiery Sagittarius and this is good. Hopefully we finally receive the fire to work through this intense shift and transformation of this Full Moon and let’s know, that this energy will find us in a more optimistic and aligned energy again.

On Sunday, May 10th the Moon wanders into grounded Capricorn – the perfect energy to end this week in more calmness, grounding and reflecting. This is a good day to journal and to become aware of everything that was going on in this week – in your outer, but mostly in your inner world. As yes, it was A LOT.

But you know what, Babe?


And we are all in this together!
Full Moon in Scorpio News are coming soon!

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