What a week we leave behind and what a week we enter NOW! Also: It’s my Birthday Week, so expect some golden surprises popping up for you this week!

So let me quick check in – Did I say that the Full Moon Rebirth last week was challenging?
Well, let me keep it this way:
This week 3 planets will start to wander retrograde – so expect some new challenges to come, as now we find ourselves in a big hole of the deepest journey into the ocean of our soul.
Good things:
Everything that happened before has to happen that exact way so that find it now even more easy to stay and rest in the depth of our soul and we have to rest, to reflect and reset, as the biggest changes are just ahead.

Yes, we already seeded the first plant, our vision, our change. Yes, it is already growing. But still we now have the chance to get to know our vision on some new levels. We are allowed to grow through ups and downs, to form and deconstruct them to rebuild it exactly how it fits the best to ourselves, our future and our mother planet Earth.

But let’s start at the beginning, at Monday, May 11th.
The Moon is in Capricorn. Perfect, as this would be a good day to get into usual Monday structures of planning the week ahead, right?
BUT: It’s planet Saturn, the master of law and order, of time and karma starts to wander backwards on this day as well, so everything that is connected with the topics of Saturn will turn more inwards again. They will slow down, as some rework wants to be done.
We are starting a phase of over 4 months that allows us to even dive deeper and explore all of our inner structures, of how we are built. What were we allowed to already leave behind in the first months of 2020, and where do we still have to let go, in order to heal and completely step into the new level, when Saturn is starting to wander forward again with September 29th?
Right now, everything is about your individuality, of YOUR highest vision, connected with the greater vision you also want to give your specific community. Your friends, your partners, your clients – everyone that vibes on the same frequency as you do.
Saturn will later on also leave Aquarius to enter Capricorn on the 2nd of July again – where we work a lot with the topics of the new, and then with Capricorn again the old, to completely step into the new vision and structures at the end of the year, when Saturn is back for good in Aquarius on December 17th.
The phase of Saturn being in Capricorn is especially good to heal and transform karmic topics of this life, but also past lives, because these are the energies that are holding us so often back from completely stepping into our power.

Also on that day: Mercury is leaving Taurus to enter Gemini and it’s feeling freaky good in Gemini, as it’s now staying for some in its home sign. The following weeks are perfect for already getting into the mastery of your mind. Everything about the way you are thinking will be activated. That’s good for learning, but it also creates a kind of restlessness in your mind. Remember that the energy is turning inwards to focus and work on what needs some re-arranges to completely grow. It’s about reflecting, feeling and realizing. So what can you do, learn, communicate about, that supports you on this journey?
We will experience some extra energy in all of these topics when the Sun is entering Gemini as well on May 20th.

On Thursday, May 12th evening the Moon leaves Cap to enter Aquarius, so we will feel more the need to connect and communicate and work on our vision.

With Wednesday, May 13th, we again experience to major events:
Mars is entering dreamy Pisces and Venus starts her retrograde.
Okay, let’s start with Mars. Mars in Pisces creates a very sensitive and more soft energy. While Mars in Aquarius was very rebellious over the last week – just have a look about how people were demonstrating against the laws concerning Covid-19 and for freedom – aggression will now transform into a more peaceful and thoughtful energy and that is good.
Mars in Pisces isn’t the easiest energy as both them couldn’t be any more different, BUT you can still use it very wisely for connecting with your spirituality, your greater picture of life and doing a lot of universe work, like mediation, yoga and co. All of these topics will be now more on to the surface.

Venus retrograde isn’t obviously the easiest thing to deal with, but again – with every constellation we are allowed to learn and grow. It’s always on you, how you see and act on challenges. Venus is our planet of love, of values, of beauty, money and all the good life. So now she isn’t moving forward again, but backwards so what happens? All of these topics kind of stop to grow in our outer world, as it’s now time to first be unfold in our inner world.
Venus will be retrograde in Gemini until June 25th, so best not make the biggest investments in this period of time and if you still have to rework your relation to your self worth (what I deeply think that ALL of us can ALWAYS do) – this is the perfect time to do so. If old lovers show up again – this is normal. Important thing to know: You both already said NO to each other before, so it’s not the best thing to restart something again. It’s over and the old shall stay in the past, because you are ready to receive something special NEW!
If you experience challenges in your relationship – also normal, but still it can be very challenging. Also remember that Venus makes the whole period of your retrograde that challenging connection to Neptune of desiring EVERYTHING about love. So try to keep yourself grounded as much as possible. This period too will pass – STAY STRONG POWER BABE!

Also if Jupiter, our planet of luck starts its retrograde the following day on Thursday, May 14th?
Okay. This can truly be a tough time. but we are all in this together, so let’s connect even stronger, babes!!!!
Okay, Jupiter being retrograde in Capricorn until September 13th wants us to also put a big focus on our career. On our business, on your vision and greater meaning of how we want to earn money in our life. So many of the women around me are rethinking of what they do for a living. Where and how they put their energy into. So if this is also a topic of yours the following weeks and months until September 13th can be used to also turn inwards to connect with your life purpose, your money connection (also when we think about Venus being retrograde) to make a big beautiful and most of it MEANINGFUL change with the end of this year. First visible changes will pop up starting with December 6th, so stay excited for this one!

On Friday, May 15th the Moon will wander into dreamy Pisces and this is also the energy we will stay in the whole weekend until the noon of Sunday. So this truly is a perfect energy to already dive into all of these new vibes and topics and just to feel and be. It’s not about doing that much, but more about totally letting in the new, becoming one and being in the flow.

Expect some surprises of mine until Saturday, May 16th, as this is my 30th BIRTHDAY! And I am overly excited for this new decade of constantly learning & growing!


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