A week of beautiful changes in the main energies, and an amazing New Moon and therefore a new journey to come! A journey of manifestation and making your dreams come true!
And this one is even more important as some weeks of eclipses come and as you already know: Manifestation doesn’t work that well during phases of eclipses and eclipses always bring up BIG topics and changes!

Again. Yes.
What else, right?

So let’s start:
The week starts powerful with the Moon in fiery, ambitious Aries. Although we are in the waning phase of the Moon, we will still be more motivated for getting things done and this is a good energy when it comes to Monday, right?

On Wednesday, May 20th we will experience some changes in the air. Not only the Moon wanders into earthy, loving Taurus, but also the Sun leaves Taurus for entering Gemini, finding us in an overly intense Gemini Air energy.
Remember, the Lunar Node is in Gemini, as well as Venus RX and Mercury. So wow! A great time for communication, creating even bigger social bonds and starting some new education in the fields your values, created in Taurus Season want to bring you to!
With the Moon still being in Taurus at the beginning of this new solar month, I guess we receive some extra support in already starting it the right way!

On Thursday, May 21st – one day before New Moon – Venus deepens her difficult connection to Neptune for some very intense days in Pisces. She will get back to this exact energy again at July 27th, when already wandering forward. So expect the topics that are now around concerning love, values, relations & money to pop up again around this date as well. Already transformed, maybe as a challenge or as a sign, how much has changed in between. How much you’ve changed in these topics and what you are now allowed to implement in your present.
The energy of desire for love and connection, our vision and ideal picture of life will become now even stronger, creating sometimes very frustrating feelings and emotions – as clearly it’s not the easiest thing right now to transform these wishes into reality. But all we have is now, right? So how can you work with these emotions and wishes right now, and why are you feeling them? What change wants to be done?

Okay, let’s go further, as the following day Friday, May 22nd as this is one major day of beautiful events. So let’s start with the Moon, as she is leaving Taurus at 3:36 PM to enter Gemini where she will also create the New Moon together with the Sun in Gemini at 7:38 PM.
Yes a New Moon, a new beginning of the following new Moon month and our manifestation circle starts! YESSS! And this one is very important as the eclipses will already follow with the upcoming Full Moon in June and as you may already know: Eclipses block the energy of manifestation – it’s on the universe to create our further steps and this until the end of July. Hallelujah!
Expect the podcast to show up at ours in the following days for the exact information, but also already know, that Mercury is also creating a conjunction with Venus and is squaring off with Neptune. What it means?
We may receive some breakthrough moments when it comes to all of the Venus topics we currently working through, but it may still be hard for us to connect it with the greater picture and our main big desire of love and connection that we feel. Make sure to clean your mind to not limit your manifestations because of the limitation we experience right now in our outer world.

Many topics will pop up and the good thing: You have the whole weekend to work it through and to create your very own ritual of manifestation, faith and trust, as the Moon will stay in the New Moon and Gemini energy until Sunday night, and will only leave Gemini to enter emotional cancer already in early morning hours of Monday next week.
And the best thing: I guess we create a little New Moon Ritual together! The first one as our beautiful community and I LOVE IT!!!

Stay healthy, stay wild, stay curious and in trust!
See you in the following days!

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