Beautiful sparkling star!

How was your New Moon in Gemini weekend?

Mine was full with a LOT OF SHIFT! Feeling super tired, somehow overwhelmed, but still knowing that everything has to be in that energy exactly how it is. This is a transition, this is our inner self, constantly transforming the outer shifts, also in our inner worlds. And that is a lot. All the retrogrades are also working big, getting deeper into reworking, reshaping and although all of these shifts and transformations may not already be visible in our outer world, they are shifting, they are moving. Give it time. Give yourself time. You’re getting there. Everyday a little bit closer and closer. Baby steps into future, as you know: A lot of baby steps transform together one big step!

You got it! Surrender, stay a believer, stay a curious wanderer – if you look back in some months, you know how much you’ve grown.

If we have a look at this week, it’s so much more calm, what is good right? Not that much is changing this week, mostly all of the planets stay in their signs and connections, except Mercury (and the Moon of course) – so pretty much the energy of last week, except that the Moon is starting to grow with each and every day, what also means, that our energy will be more activated into moving outwards and getting things done again. We will turn more into the outer worlds again, but maybe not directly at the beginning of the week, as this week will start with the Moon being in emotional Cancer. We may love to feel stay at home, getting our home cleaned and fresh again after a weekend full of rituals and we want to start slow. Give yourself time, to slowly grow with the Moon, we are still only in the baby steps of this new cycle of change.

The week will pretty much stay in a very intuitive and emotional energy, as Mercury, our planet of communication will enter Cancer on Thursday, 28th of May, as well. Mercury will stay for some while in Cancer, as he will also start his retrograde in Cancer at June 18th. We still have some time until then, so use it wisely for trusting your intuition and going with the flow with her. When Mercury is in Cancer it’s pretty much like speaking in emotions and feelings, speaking out of your souls. Everything will become more intuitive and we may focus more on our family and home. We want to feel safe and worthy, connecting with people who know us well, or with whom we feel good and understood. Use this time, to connect even more with what your inner wise woman wants to tell you, as she always knows it better.

At this day, the Moon is also already in fiery Leo, so it’s a good time to show your feelings and to communicate it to the outer world. Remember: Only if people know how you are truly feeling, they can support you the best.

At Friday, May 29th the Moon will enter Virgo and this is a great time to organize your weekend ahead, to get yourself a good book and to dive deep into where you want to learn more. Which books can support you on your very own journey of growth?

Which online course, workshop or person can inspire you with wisdom or a great talk?

Do all of that!

Especially on Saturday, May 30th, when the Moon creates a Quarter Moon. Don’t think too much about what could not go right – but focus on what you love and why you are doing all of it.

Meet a friend that is on a similar journey than you are and get into all the possibilities that are just around you – because they are! And don’t doubt yourself!!! Know that this is the Quarter Moon speaking and with Mercury in Cancer we tend to belief all the Quarter Moon energies of fear and doubt even more! 

STAY STRONG, MOONI! I know you’ve got this!

And when in doubt – post into our WhatsApp group, so that we can remind you that this is the Quarter Moon and that you are just perfect the way you are!

Sending you lots of Taurus Love!

Good things are coming. Trust, surrender, you’ve got this!



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