Hello lovely Star! 

I have the feeling to start every week in the same words, but WOW!

Have we thought, that we already reached the peak?

It kind of felt so, but if we look at all the upcoming star events as also into our world – it feels like a never ending story and yes, we just are at the half of 2020! 

I know, these aren’t the words that you might want to hear right now, but although I am loving believer and warrior babe for love and abundance, I am still also highly realistic and love to tell you the truth down to Earth.

The world is burning, inside out. It’s activated in movement and we are only in the middle of it. There is still so much we have to reshape, reform, rebuild and the upcoming new cycle of eclipses is one MAJOR part of it! Wow, we are starting such an important new Eclipse Cycle that will be massively important especially for the upcoming 18 months, so better take extra care of in which house of yours the following Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will be created and expect major shifts especially when it comes to your belief system in those topics! You will receive some BIG extra information in the upcoming podcasts at the MOONIVERSE CLUB.

But let’s start with this week. We start June with the Moon in lovely Libra, so we are subconsciously seeking for justice, harmony and love. For communicating and connecting with our beloved ones to receive some new information that supports us in our very own kind of learning and transformation.

The Moon is constantly growing, finding herself on Wednesday, June 3rd in deep intense Scorpio and we may already feel very extreme. The Moon is nearly full, so are we and there is also a Lunar Eclipse around the corner that is even more intense as a normal Full Moon. Also Venus squares of with Mars, still also with Neptune and we may find ourselves struggling with what we think and what we feel, as we may experience different kind of ways of everything we currently work through. Neptune and Pisces energy is also so intense right now and everything comes and goes in waves, nothing may be that clear and if we think we know, we explore another layer of truth. Yes already pretty much the energy of the 18 month topic as well, that we are allowed to learn with the north node in Gemini: WHAT IS TRUE AND WHAT IS NOT.

What we are allowed to focus on more: The heart. Why?

The Sun also conjuncts Venus, bringing light on to all of her topics.

Yes, all of these topics are still on, especially when it comes to the Lunar Eclipse on Friday, June 5th. As the Full Moon in Sagittarius will be exactly created at the point of what we are allowed to let go: Our old belief systems to receive new information for our future with the Sun in Gemini!

Freedom in our mind, in our ways of living, creating and being. 

To leave the old behind completely to enter the new. And with the Lunar Eclipse being created at the North Node the message couldn’t be any clearer, right?
I mean: it’s intense! Already so excited to get into detail in the podcasts for you babes!

Big transformation to come, not directly how we are wishing or manifesting it, but we are allowed to learn to massively trust the universe that she knows it better than us right now and that it’s okay and good to let go of our power and to know, that she is holding us. No matter how stormy and windy, or hot and cold it may get.

I don’t say, that this will be easy, hell NO! But this is how we grow. Let’s see what comes after the grey 3 eclipse cycle that starts with this Friday. Let’s pray for the rainbow and Sun to shine for us!

At Saturday the Sun squares off with Mars, and we might feel even more loaded and at the same time so low at energy. Some people may be even more angry to aggressive showing it in their own communication, maybe even in the digital word, via social media and co. But don’t get yourself into it, and know that it’s because of the current situation of the planets. Try to rest, to meditate, journal and focus on yourself. So much inner work is in creation. The Moon wanders also into grounded Capricorn at the night, so we may already feel more back to Earth on latest Sunday, June 7th.

Wow, what a big week again!

Stay strong, MOONI!

We will talk later this week, getting into the eclipse!

LOVE, Lori

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