Welcome to a new week, sparkling star! How was your Eclipse weekend and could you still find some easy in everything that is going on in our outer, as well as in our inner world?

I want to take this Horoscope for saying a BIG THANK YOU for each and every one of you!
Having every one of you in the Club is just wonderful and the community that is created out of our MOONIVERSE Club is just amazing. I am so happy to have our supportive WhatsApp group as a place to share our emotions and feelings, thoughts, struggles, reflections and learnings.
Thank you for being here, for being open for constantly learning and growing to create a collective change together.

This week will be one of our most silent one, as not only the Moon is in her second half, slowly going to rest, but also our planets are kind of resting, with all the planets still being retrograde and the most spiritual and aligned constellation will be created at the end of the week.

But let’s start at the beginning.
The week starts with a waning gibbous moon in earthy Capricorn. Perfect to get back to work and get things done. Write a list for this week, as this week will be kind of foggy (as it wouldn’t already be enough), as Pisces and Neptune energy is going strong!
So better have some structures and to do list if you have to still get things done.

On Tuesday, June 9th we find the Moon in Aquarius, and the picture of our higher and greater vision subconsciously starts to already grow. We are seeking for a better future, an open minded future, a community – the world as community. And this big wish and seeking will become more important and strong, as the Moon enters dreamy and highly sensitive Pisces on Thursday, June 11th. I deeply feel, that we already are in this energy of wanting peace, alignment, harmony, justice and new laws to create all of it, as Mars ins Pisces already for some time. And Mars activates spirituality, love, peace and harmony and we really achieve a peak into connecting with humanity, spirituality and all of the cosmic laws of creating peace and justice with Mars conjuncting with Neptune in Pisces on Saturday.
All the days around this event will already be highly spiritual – the best time for diving even deeper inwards, but also upwards, opening your third eye to find peace in your soul and great messages and breakthroughs through higher wisdom. We are truly unlayering our soul, our mind, our thoughts and everything that we think that is true.
We may find one truth, just to explore another truth. Not only with our mind and brain, but mostly through our emotions and feelings.

It’s time to let go the ego to find your pure soul essence.

We are allowed to let go from one and another package of what brought limiting beliefs into our life. We are allowed to let go from everything we got implemented, or even implemented ourselves by specific experiences or information we received.
We are allowed to shed off what is not truth to let in the NEW.

The universe is supporting us massively this week to find answers in ourselves, to send us answers when asking for them, or just to experiencing spiritual journeys by doing nothing – just lying on the ground watching the sky.
Do all of this.
Do nothing.
Just be.
Opening up for the new.
Opening up for whatever information you are ready to receive.

This will be intense, this will be beautiful. And maybe we will all around the world meditate together. In stillness, in riot. In love, in the struggle of letting go.
We are all doing the best, and we are in this together for a better world.
For a change to balance what is true and what is not, what is fair and what is not. For justice, for peace.

So know, that you are not alone in this foggy cloud of what we call NOW – the next few days and maybe even more, as a massive Solar Eclipse is around to come – are for meditation, for clearing energies, for letting go, for reflecting, for recharging, for aligning the universe. ONE, together.

I love you, Babes!
You are all doing so well!

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