How are you doing, lovelies?
Are you also floating on that puffy cloud of heaven, being able to be highly connect with the universe, but when it’s about to stand with both feet on the ground, getting things done – it’s not that easy?
Well if not – congrats! You are one of the less babes that doesn’t feel so intense affected by the current situation of the planets.

Quick reminder:
4 planets are still retrograde – the 5th one to start this week.
We are in Eclipse Season, the phase of destiny changes and big transformation. The Shadow Season, where manifestation doesn’t really work (although you can still of course manifest in each and every second! But if we talk about Moon Manifesting – you should definitely NOT manifest with the Moon right now..) and where the universe force us to stop.

I feel it quite intense, my body energy is low, I am tired and sometimes I don’t get even half of the work done of what I usually do.
We are forced to stop, to not work – and this is what I am trying to implement into my life now. If you feel kind of stopped or stucked now – allow to pause and to dive deep into your soul. It is so much more important than to to plan or deliver things right now – as it will turn out differently anyways — ECLIPSE SEASON.

So let’s start with this week.

We have 3 major cosmic events:
an intuitive Mercury Retrograde in Cancer June
the Sun entering emotional Cancer
and a highly intense New Moon, a Solar Eclipse being created at Summer Solstice!

I mean: HELLO! Did we think it couldn’t get any more intense?
Will 2020 show us differently?

Monday, June 15th starts energized with the Moon in Aries, allowing us to get things done and to already get into the tasks of the week.
On Tuesday, June 16th the Moon wanders into grounded Taurus and she will stay in Taurus until Thursday night. So in these days do something good for you. Treat yourself with something that fulfills your heart and makes you feel good and worthy. These days before this Solar Eclipse it really should be all about ourselves. Everyone is living right now in their very own universe, working through specific, personal topics. We all feel the transformation – on so many level.
So focus on your self and do something, that makes you feel smooth and easy. Have long nature walks, surround yourself with people you love, cook a healthy dinner and have a long bath tube swim in flowers before going to bed. This is what Taurus but also the Moon loves – so make them happy to make yourself happy.

On Thursday, June 18th Mercury starts to be retrograd and yes, it’s this time: MERCURY RETROGRADE.
With Mercury in Cancer it’s all about letting go of our rational way of getting things done. We are allowed to not use our brain, our mind, our thoughts for communication and the re-work we are doing, but our heart, our emotions, our soul. It’s not about thinking – OVERTHINKING – too much. Gemini Season was full with it. Now our mind will be focused even more on all the Cancer topics. What is family, home, soul friends, soul desires, our intuition and female nature.
Of course as with every Mercury Retrograde: In the following 3 weeks it’s not the best time to sign any big contracts, make any big investations and me may experience challenges in our communication as well as with our technical devices.

With Friday, the Moon wanders into Gemini and on Saturday, June 20th right before the Solar Eclipse and Solstice the Sun enters Cancer.
So we leave the mind orientated energy completely to make ourselves ready for a very intuitive new month, of reconnecting with what really matters. Our beloved people in our life, our soul and the wishes that are connected with bringing fulfillment into our soul.

The next day, on Sunday 21st of June, we experience a very phenomenal event:
A New Moon, that is a Solar Eclipse together with the big feast of light – Summer Solstice!
WHAT AN EVENT! That of course can only happen in 2020.
When we celebrate the light of life, the Universe is creating the darkest day. What a message for us, that we still have to rework all of our shadows and dark sides to enlighten the flame of pure light again!
For me, this day is very special, as Manu and I married 5 years ago for the first time at Summer Solstice at Gotland, a little island in Sweden. And it was the most beautiful feast. Solstice is celebrated massively in Sweden and I am happy to give you more information to that event and all the other events in the upcoming podcast.
I will also create a little video for instagram to all of these topics.

So Babes, this is it for now!
Stay strong! Surrender!
And don’t wonder if it’s more quiet right now at mine, really need the silence for doing the inner work right now. But to know you are here, is just beautiful.
Lots of love,

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