Wow Wow WOW!
What a weekend!

I don’t know how you are feeling, but I feel completely different than from one week or even some days ago! This weekend was so highly transformational on so many levels and what came even stronger and more powerful on to the surface was LOVE!

“We will be back! Stronger and wiser than ever before!”
These were the last words of our powerful Goddess Salome, the last Goddess on Earth. UNTIL NOW!
As we are coming back! The feminine energy is coming back! We, the Goddesses are coming back! Bringing everything back into the right balance of Yin & Yang.

I had the most beautiful Goddess Ceremony of Kuan Yin this weekend at RA MA festival and the pleasure to dive into the wide cosmos of transformational energies with so many amazing souls globally to get even deeper into the energies of NOW.
Everything we feel, do and create – or even not do right now – happens for a reason and has to be this way.
We are creating a new future and we do this collectively.
Let me tell you that we are creating right now big transformational steps of everything that is coming after us, for our kids, for their kids, for every rebirth that will take place on Earth.

so let’s get into this week.

We start this week in a highly Eclipse energy of rebirth, of a new start.
We are at the baby steps of a fresh new Cancer circle, so we are allowed to still go into our new week smooth, lovely and caring. Caring for ourselves. For our soul, our needs, our pleasures, our rest. Everything in our time. Not how someone else wants us to do, but how it feels good and nurturing for ourselves.
The Moon will be until Tuesday afternoon in Cancer, so this is also the time until it’s best to create your very own Solar Eclipse Ritual, if you haven’t already created it at the weekend.
Still give yourself rest, enough sleep, cozy goddess baths and heart-talks with your besties.

On Tuesday, June 23rd also Neptune starts its Retrograde!
Yes, finding us with 7 out of 10 planets being Retrograde at the same time!!!!
Wow – Rest more, drink more, sleep more, dream more, reflect more, to creative things more, listen to your inner voice more, meditate, journal more. Create more rituals, do more yoga, sing, play instruments, read books, get into mysticism, connect with the universe.
ALL OF THAT wants to be more implemented in your everyday life from now on. A perfect time to create, draw, dance, sing and meditate.
Until when? November 29th.

The growing Moon is already in fiery Leo and we wander forwards Thursday, June 25th and what do we find here?
Venus finally stops her Retrograde and decides to wander forward again and with this event she is transforming from the evening into the bright rising morning star. A wonderful day to connect with all the topics of love. To reflect what has changed during Venus Retrograde. What topics popped up and how did you deal with them?
Where were you before retrograde and where are you now?
What did you learn during this phase and what are you from now on allowed to implement out of these learnings into your actions?
Everything around love, relations, money & values will be more easy again for now on. Fingers crossed!

At the same day in the evening hours the Moon leaves fiery Leo to wander into grounded and wise Virgo and she will stay here until Saturday night. Good days if you want to write something (although is there a good day for anything about writing during Mercury Retrograde?), reading books, cleaning your home – inside out.

On Sunday, June 28th we have a very powerful event happening in the cosmos, as Mars wanders in his home sign Aries. And Mars receives some extra energies when being in Aries, so the energy will definitely rise higher with this new beginning. We will receive more power, motivation and willpower to get things done again – what is VERY needed already if you ask me.

So again – many cosmic events, but we can already feel that it is getting slightly better, right?
So start this week slow and find yourself back in power with the end of this month!
Wishing you a wonderful week, loves!

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