THE WEEK OF THE LAST ECLIPSE: June 29th – July 5th

Energy boost of Mars already received?
For me personally, yes when it comes to do things for myself and to get even deeper into intuitive, creative work, no when it comes to working and delivering! 😂
I guess this will also stay until the whole eclipses are over and maybe even longer and we are allowed to invite a more chilled and relaxed life – what sounds also beautiful, right?
It’s all about unlearning and learning..

So we start this week with the Moon in harmonious and lovely Libra. But already at night time, she will wander into deep and passionate Scorpio. This fits perfectly to the special constellation we will experience on Tuesday, June 30th, as do you remember when I talked about those important conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto that will happen 3 times this year?
On Tuesday we will experience the second one with both planets being Retrograde.
Jupiter again activates all of the secrets and dark shadows, the depth of what’s below the surface and when it re-conjuncts Pluto, we can expect topics we already thought we’d been through to re-appear again.
The first Jupiter Pluto conjunction took place at April 5th, so go back in time and remember what topics came up to the surface around that time. Maybe there are still some secrets hidden and as both of the planets are Retrograde we have the chance to once again get into the depth of their meaning, to work it through and to heal it until the conjunct the 3rd time at the end of the year.

Also the Sun creates a tension to Chiron, our wound. So maybe our shadow, our secrets are connected to a past experience that was very painful. I guess the Sun wants to shine his light on to this topic with this special constellation, as he wants us to prepare for everything that will come in the following weeks, where Chiron is very strong. Also we are allowed to work with our deepest wound in order to let some of our deepest, most painful feelings go with the last Eclipse in Capricorn that will be created at the end of this week.

But let’s go further:
On Wednesday, July 1st Mercury creates a conjunction with the Sun and this is a perfect day to do intuitive things, that we are passionate about. Because when just let go of our mind and our thoughts we may receive an enlightened message that brings us further.
So try to not be that much mind orientated but just go with the flow. I guess Neptune being Retrograde supports us in not using our mind that much, because it is foggy around our brain anyways, right?
Also Mercury is in connection to Chiron on that day. So maybe the message we receive is even connected with our wound and brings us closer to a healing process, in understanding why everything had to happen this way and how we are allowed to learn and grow out of it.

With Thursday, July 2nd the Moon wanders into fiery Sagittarius and Saturn being Retrograde leaves future orientated Aquarius to once more head back into the old of Capricorn.
As we already talked in our Call, society or we ourselves may fall back into old structures, as Capricorn with its element Earth is representing the old where we stayed for such a long time now. Aquarius represents the new, where we are heading into with the end of the year again.
So Capricorn wandered into Aquarius in March 2020 and we received a hint of how our future with all the new structures and ways of living could look like (home office, new technology, ..). Now we wander back into old structures (people again being in offices, no Corona rules anymore, ..) and we have to fall back in order to once again learn something.
We aren’t totally ready yet for everything new to come, so this is why we have to rework the old, to learn that we need the new. (Probably because we will be forced again to implement new structures as people are naive and think, human beings are wise and over nature and cosmic, but the universe will teach us differently the next few months.)
At the end of the year, with December 17th Saturn will be back in Aquarius and a new time is allowed to come. The time of the future.

On Sunday, the universe creates the last Eclipse in the Cycle of Capricorn Cancer and it will be a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 13°37’. A VERY heavy one once again, as with this one we truly let go of the old of the very last, last years. BIG TOPICS, big cleanings, big emotions, big learnings and we need this, as only two weeks later we will start a wonderful new cycle of the feminine NEW!
So what you can do the days before:
What is it, we still are allowed to leave behind? Think about your wound, your shadows, your own structures that are still limiting you from growing into magical star you already are.

You will receive your Lunar Eclipse Guide anyways this week, but it’s good to already know in advanced.

So my lucky star. Know, that you are doing so great. Know, that it is so okay, to not feel okay right now. To cry, to feel intensively, to just rest and sleep or do nothing at all.
You are in your very own healing process and this is a magical time we are currently in.
Feel deeply embraced.
Sending you all my love!

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