My Babes, what a powerful transformation weekend!
How was your Lunar Eclipse Ritual? I created several Mini-Rituals this time and it was so powerful on many various layers. And with today, Monday 6th I already feel so different from all the weeks before.
I mean yes, of course still so many planets are retrograde, forcing us to dive inwards. but also like at every last lunar eclipse, the heaviness of the eclipse shadow is slowing down and we already feel, that light is coming back again.

So until Tuesday, July 7th lunch time, it is still a perfect time to create a little releasing and gratitude ritual for yourself. Because babe, you’ve come so far! And we already managed to rise out of so many dark shadows! This is powerful! This is YOU!
Allow yourself to honor and celebrate yourself.
I do it, by still giving myself time to reflect and feel, I nurture my Cancer soul desires of connecting with people I love. I nurture my temple of my body by cooking and enjoying delicious soul food, taking (for this time also – as you might know: only ice cold showers in the morning at mine right now) hot showers to feel safe and holden. I make my home, my sacred spaces holy and invite myself to uplift my energies by celebrating the small steps.
So what is it, that you can do to honor you beautiful transformation process?

Later on at Tuesday, the Moon wanders into rebellious and mind driven Aquarius and we might feel driven to focus on our greater vision again. A good time to work on your vision board. Maybe some changes want to be created.

At Wednesday, July 8th Mercury Retrograde in Cancer squares Mars in Aries. Mercury being Retrograde wants us to reconnect with our emotional intelligence over the wisdom that we learned. It’s about our heart and all the big and true feelings, that were hidden over such a long time. They want to be worked through now. And Mars in Aries wants to activate all of these emotions even more. Mars is so future driven (as well as the Moon in Aquarius is right now) and he wants change. NOW. This can be kind of stressful, because we truly feel the big desire for change and maybe we still need some time. But also this is a great change to get out of our emotional shell and just take all of these intense emotions to create something bigger than this! Mars wants us to transform all of our feelings in order to grow.
We stayed in our comfort zone of being lost in emotions already for too long.
Maybe we just stand up and fight for our personal, emotional change?

On Wednesday evening the Moon leaves Aquarius to enter dreamy Pisces and until Saturday morning we can await some days of intense open spiritual connection. Use meditation and spiritual practices to get the stone together with Mars rolling..

At Friday, July 10th the Moon also conjuncts Neptune – so a great day to be creative and to do intuitive things, like drawing, writing, dancing, meditating and so on! You may receive higher messages from the universe!
But also know that a high tension is already in the air. Venus is already connecting with Chiron, that will go Retrograde only one day after. And she already invites all the topics of our childhood trauma. With the Moon in Pisces together with Neptune, we may feel A LOT! Maybe we can also channel information about our past and the trauma connected with our very own Chiron.
Be kind to yourself and don’t put too much pressure into working and doing at this day. It’s about the feminine, being sensitive and ready to receive.

So on Saturday, Chiron our wound starts another Retrograde in Aries. So wow.. another periode of diving into the depth of our soul and past just starts here and with Chiron in Aries it’s all about our wound, created in our childhood that had a massive impact in the whole creation of our identity. Of who we think we are. But wait…

Isn’t it not about letting go of who we think we are in order to become who we truly are?

YES! So no wonder that this cosmic event is happening exactly NOW, right?
We are allowed to heal massively in all wrong belief pattern that were created in our past, because of specific experiences we had. Just have a look in your birth chart at where Chiron 9°26’ in Aries is located in the house to find out, which topic you are allowed to work through. You will have some months to do it and this is also needed.

So good news at the end:
At Saturday, July 12th the Moon isn’t only already in Aries as well – Mercury starts to wander direct again!!! So yes! Finally we don’t have to fear that tea is floating over our new laptop, or that the washing machine is going down or that we send an embarrassing text message to the definitely wrong person.
Also communication starts to be easier again, as well as learning higher wisdom. If you have to make an important decision, go for it, but still listen to your inner wise woman!
If she is not in for it – you should not be in for it as well.

So wow, again – as every week – a powerful week to grow with!
Happy new week! Sending so much love to you!
xx, Lori

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