New Week sparkling star!
Mercury is direct again, so fingers crossed that everything will work out well again, when it comes to our mind, our thoughts and how we communicate to ourselves and our outer world.
Also Chiron, our wounded healer, is now retrograde.. And to be honest – I feel it MASSIVELY!
Already over the whole week and now we are even going deeper and deeper and even deeper into our childhood wound.
If you want to receive some extra information to that topic, feel free to watch my video about Chiron being retrograde in Aries here.

To sum it up once again:
Our deepest, hidden wound of our childhood wants to be healed until December 15th. On your personal level, when it comes to your very own Chiron position in your Chart, but also on a collective level of the current position in the Universe.
Chiron in Aries creates wounds of determination, of following our biggest visions, of going our own way, of doing what our heart is desiring too. It is about becoming your purest version. Of becoming I, me, the self. Everything that makes you YOU!
And on another part it is about our physical body, our intense energy and power that sometimes transform into intense aggressive power. Followed by physical violence, aggression to sexual abuse.
Where did you experience limitations in that fields? And what wants to be healed right now?

Better watch out for this as well as all your personal topics and wounds, as they may get activated several times from now…

We start this week with a Quarter Moon in fiery Aries, so maybe you already feel kind of challenged with all these Aries topics of doing things, following your dreams and being a warrior babe for yourself?
If you are doubting yourself these days, please just remember, that everything is pretty much right now and that it’s totally okay to not always be in high motion, although we might want to feel it right now. Your emotions may be extreme around Monday morning and even the noon, as fiery Aries makes us feel a lot of pressure of delivering, being powerful, being strong, going on. And yes you will do all of this! Of course! But on your own pace.
Right now, nothings wants to be forced, everything shall be aligned with what brings inner peace into your soul.

At the evening the Moon enters earthy Taurus and we will definitely be more grounded. Also the Quarter Moon phase is coming slowly to an end and we make ourselves ready for the new week.

On Tuesday, July 14th we have two major events happening. Yes. Again.
Okay first of all, we start an event series of the Sun opposing & exposing the major planets of 2020 – Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn.
On Tuesday, we start with Jupiter. So a tension of the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn is created. The Sun shines his light again on everything that Jupiter already brought up to the surface, latest on June 30th. Damn I am so nervous, especially when it comes to big world topics.
An expansion, a meaningful change wants to be created so this day wants to be used to work with all the topics of structures, laws and rules, our old belief pattern to create an inspiring change out of it. A change that brings most of it, also an extension to how we feel, our soul alignment.
Maybe you also have to end and get some things done connected with topics that bring safety and a good base into your life. Things, where you have to be rational and focused. If you can – get it done.

But there is also another event, not an easy event my dear, happening that day. It’s Mars conjuncting Chiron retrograde in Aries.
Wow… What to say. Mars will activate our wound massively. Maybe because we experience some kinds of limitations – again. Maybe, because someone is speaking to you, and it reminds you of something. Maybe because something is happen in our outer or inner world, where we are even more allowed to connect with our childhood wound.
On a collective level – I really hope, that Maxwell is not experiencing a “suicide” as Epstein again – because this would activate the wound of 1000’s of women, who experienced sexual abuse, abusive powers, violence, aggression and therefor massive limitations in their growth and stepping into their own power. Right. Chiron in Aries.
I do hope it comes in different waves in order to heal and bring justice back to the Earth – because this is what the universe wants to create in 2020.
Destroying the old of abusive powers & leadership in order to create a new community of collaboration and being ONE.
Some thoughts on to this topic here in my latest YouTube Video. I will create more of them, of already using real names, names of countries, intelligent services in my next videos as the world of truth has to be spread.

On a personal level – take good care of yourself the days around July 14th and do yourself something very good. We are also already in the last Quarter before New Moon – so it’s more about resting, reflecting, being. Not doing. Just feeling.
Make yourself good food, catch up with your soul partner and share love, empathy and your deepest soul.

The next day, on Wednesday 15th, the Sun will now oppose Pluto – so damn, the dark shit may pop up again. Also here: Praying for the world and all the people that suffer from dark shadows.
The Sun wants us to once again see the darkness, the secrets, the deepest essence. He dives deep into the ocean of the past and takes it all with him to bring it to the surface.
Here it is.
All the shadows. All the hidden stories, shame, pain, experiences and secrets of the past.
We want to grow this year, right? So let’s focus once again on all of it to start again a new journey with the following New Moon in Cancer at the beginning of the next week.

The last days until New Moon want to be used for a loooot of self reflection, rest, silence, deeeep emotions, feelings and BIG HONESTY.
2020 is a year where we can’t close our eyes anymore. It is a year where we have to become the truest version of ourselve.
So here we are right now. Half way through – Half way ahead.
Now we can’t go back, so let’s do this!

On Thursday, July 16th the Moon enters smart Gemini and our mind will become activated a lot. We may feel the desire to talk, to be with others and to just talk to understand where we are right now. She will stay in Gemini until Saturday evening and with this the Moon will wander into emotional Cancer again, preparing herself for the new Cycle of the Sun and the Moon to come.
Use this weekend to prepare yourself for the New Moon. This one will be big, so make sure to have enough time for yourself. I will create my New Moon ritual already on Sunday with my Moon Manifesting Babes, and a small one the next week.

So this is it from now. You got this!
And you will hear from me again with the New Moon Guide for our amazing new start!

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