New Moon in emotional, sensitive, loving and nurturing Cancer. For the second time, yes!
And somehow with Chiron being Retrograde now, this is exactly what we need, right?
You can find your New Moon Guide at the Mooniverse or watch a short overview, especially when it comes to the Goddesses Eris & Haumea here on Youtube.

No matter what, the start of this week is especially made for nurturing ourselves, our soul and soul desires. Do whatever feels good for you. May it be to get out into nature, to have a soothing Cancer bath at an ice cold lake, or if it’s just resting, cooking and eating – this is completely perfect as well. Everyone feels these energies differently. Everyone is healing differently. The most important thing is, that you listen to your inner voice and that you take great care of your precious soul my dear.

If you want to create a golden Manifestation Ritual – it is best until Monday, July 20th 10 PM, as afterwards the Moon will already wander into fiery Leo and therefor finds herself in a different energy.

Wow, so we are doing this. We are starting a new Cycle of Manifestation, of new adventures. The next 6 months will be massively connected with everything that is created right now, so let’s raise our frequencies the best we can.

The following day, Tuesday July 21st, the Sun is opposing the third important planet of 2020 – Saturn. Remember last week, she was opposing Jupiter and Pluto and now it’s also on Saturn. So again the big topics of 2020 are activated and we are connected with all the emotions, structures and belief patterns that still want to be worked through.
We are constantly learning and change needs time. Change can sometimes only be created when experiencing the same topics and challenges again and again… And yes, this is 2020. So here we are again.
But the good news is: You already are so much more in your power then only 6 months ago. You already learned and re-worked so much. So you can use this time to head completely differently into situations where you are confronted with all pattern again. You are allowed to meet them with strength, love and faith. In yourself, your growth and the universe having your back.

The same day, you are allowed to communicate your wounds. You are allowed to connect with them, as mostly our limiting belief pattern are connected with our deepest wounds as well, right?
And Mercury squaring Chiron is allowing us to finally speak up in order to already step one step forward into changing and maybe even healing.

On Wednesday, July 22nd not only the Moon is still in Leo, but also the Sun wanders into the big fire ball of golden joy, lust and powerful energy of life! So the whole energy will change massively from a very calm and introverted, emotional one to a fiery, funny, confident and joyable energy! And this is completely what we need, right?
To dance through warm summer night, not thinking about tomorrow, nor yesterday. Just living. Being. Here. Now.
Leos truly are our charismatic, inspiring souls of bringing so much love and warmth into our world and we are allowed to massively implement this life affirming energy into our soul as well.

Live, love, laugh, dance and enjoy the Sun.
Your Sun.
Your essence of who you truly are.
Without worries and doubts.
Just believing fearlessly in your magic and power.

Do what you love, move your body, feel the energy flow throughout your body and spread it to the world!

You are a golden magnet of joy & love.

On Thursday, July 23rd the Moon already is in well-organized Virgo and it’s a great day to read an inspiring book, clean your home and to make a plan for the following steps for your vision, for your healing, for whatever you need right now.
The Moon will stay in Virgo until the early hours of Saturday. Then she will wander into harmonious Libra where she will stay over the whole weekend.
A great weekend to connect with all the arts of nature, beauty and life to fulfill your soul.
May it be with long walks, picking up some precious flowers for yourself, having a long mirror talk with your beautiful self, or listening to the music that fulfills your heart.
Museum, shopping, restaurant visits and being with your soul bodies is highly recommended as well.

Looks like this week will be a little bit easier already, right?
Wish you a wonderful one and happy to see you on Wednesday for our #11 Community Call!

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