Happy new week, happy second week of the Moon Cycle and a powerful start into the next week!
With Monday we already start with many different constellations of the planets.
Not only the Moon is in Scorpio and in her first Quarter – so deep emotions, doubts and worries can pop up easily, but also we have again Venus squaring off with Neptune, so the big desire for MORE is activated again massively. Now for the third time.
We can impatient of finally wanting to get what we are working on for already such a long time. I mean, it’s been a time, right? We are working on ourselves and our higher visions already for such a long time and the universe challenged (and still challenges!) us on many different layers. We have the feeling that it is enough now and that we want to see the progress in our outer world. We want to reach our visions. And maybe the feeling of love and romantic moments is stronger than ever. Maybe even the desire and wish for a sweet little family, a caring community and that cute little house in nature that is already waiting for us to move in. We are ready and we are longing for a beautiful change to arrive.

On the same day, Jupiter is creating a harmonious connection the Neptune, as well. Jupiter wants us to expand, to grow with our higher vision so this can bring a positive aspect into our desire for love & more.

And here is Mercury, squaring off with Mars at the same day as well. So wow. 4 events on Monday. Mars brings a lot of energy into our communication. So watch out when you talk with your beloved ones about your big dreams. Many emotions of the Scorpio Moon are around, Venus-Neptune wants sooo much and Mars brings a lot of tension and a fast energy into the way we think and communicate.
So watch out for heaty discussions or a hot temper and strong feelings afterwards and in between. These days are loaded and full with loads of energies!

The next day, on Tuesday, July 28th Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter and only a few days later, on August 1st in opposition to Pluto. We may receive glimpse of philosophical information about our future, about our vision. We want to receive some news and inputs, that make us move forward. So be open minded, talk with people that inspire you, that are connected to your vision. Change wants to be created!

The Moon wandering on Wednesday, July 29th into Sagittarius and staying there until Saturday morning, supports us massively into getting into connection to our higher vision. Maybe already transforming the information that we received before into a new level, connected with our emotions and feelings.

At Saturday, August 1st the Moon enters grounded Capricorn and Mercury is opposing Pluto in Capricorn. So expect a big teacher energy and some lessons to learn and grow out of at this weekend. And I guess this energy is just great for the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius to come at the beginning of the following week.
Again, darkness and old patterns want to come out and the universe especially wants you to talk about it. As here is again, where realisations may be created and where you are allowed at Full Moon to let go of an old pattern again, in order to achieve your vision.

At Sunday, August 2nd, the Sun creates a tension to Uranus and Uranus may shake you, your life, your essence in many ways. Will it be in connection to all the events in the last few days? I guess so. Again – connect with people that inspire you, that are honest and want you to grow. People that are your tribe or even one level higher – where you want to be.
Get inspired, get rid of the wrong layers and find your essence. And yes, maybe this will be new to you and to the people around you. But this is for what 2020 is here. To find our own rules, our true rules, the rules of pure humanity of love.

So happy new week, wonder babe and I am happy to see you at our Full Moon Guide again.

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