Welcome to a new week, sparkling star! And welcome to the week of our Full Moon in Aquarius!
On Monday, August 3rd at 5:58 PM the Moon reaches her climax at 11°46’ in Aquarius.
A day to connect your precious mind with your powerful lion’s heart, a day to let go of worries of the future in order to learn to live the beauty of NOW.
Find all exact infos in the Full Moon in Aquarius Guides at the MOONIVERSE CLUB.

Also Mercury is opposing Saturn, so it’s a great day to rethink old pattern, let go of what doesn’t or shall not work anymore in order to build new ones. And remember the new rules and pattern shall allow a lot of freedom, time to play, ease and joy.

Sounds good?
I really think so!

On Tuesday, August 4th Mars squares off with Jupiter and in the following weeks he will also square Pluto and Saturn, so except some tension energies to the big topics of 2020 again! Yes, and these topics will and have to be activated several times again in the following months again, because only through repetition we truly learn and change, right?
Some topics have to re-appear again and again, because otherwise we wouldn’t work them through.
With Jupiter and Mars our focus is on our great visions of life, our mission in life and maybe we put too much pressure on to it, because we finally want to see it expand. But the focus shouldn’t be that much on the outer growth, but still on the inner growth and the most important thing is, that everything we create has a bigger meaning. That it truly fulfills our soul and heart and that we are allowed to have some freedom in every creation. Leo energy is strong and gets stronger even the following day, as Mercury is entering Leo on Wednesday, August 5th.
When Mercury is in Leo our communication gets more extroverted and powerful again. While Mercury was in Cancer (and even Retrograde), we worked everything through on our own. We connected with our soul and found all the answers within. Now we are allowed to express everything we worked through in Cancer Season to the outer world again! Our mind and the way how we communicate gets more active, playful, easy, powerful again and magic is allowed to be created out of our precious mind and thoughts.
It’s a great time for creative writing and long talks with all the people that inspire you!
Use this time wisely, as Mercury will already wander into Virgo with August 20th!

Also on August 5th, the Moon will be in Pisces and we slowly leave the Aquarius Full Moon energy behind to be for 2 more days in a Pisces Moon. A powerful time for creating and going with the flow!

At Friday, August 7th the Moon will enter at noon fiery Aries and we will feel more energised again, loving to go outdoors to enjoy the heat of the Sun! And this is also what wants to be done over the whole weekend! Loading up your cups with the 2 powerful fires of Aries and Leo! ENJOY THE SUN!

Also Venus is wandering after a long period of time in Gemini finally into emotional Cancer and our heart is longing even more for love and soul connections. A safe, inspiring, fulfilling home – a new home maybe. Focus on the few people, our family that we truly love. Again: No bullshit anymore. Not in and definitely not after 2020!!
It is about nurturing your soul and heart. With long cooking sessions with your friends, good food, books, nature, water, goddess baths, inspiring, true and honest deep talks and soul bondings. Blood Sisterhood. Blood Love Bond.

It’s getting real!
It’s getting honest!
It’s getting pure, playful, easy and powerful!



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