KARMA WORK & LIVING IN THE NOW: August 10th – 16th

Hi my loves! How was your weekend in fiery Leo and the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal being open to receive a light transmission of love and growth?
I celebrated it with the Sun & Moon, in nature – with doing absolutely nothing than enjoying life with all its different faces, emotions and presents.l
This is what I am doing already since Leo season starts and I decided to take the whole month of August with me. Taking a break from Social Media for 1,5 months, taking a break even from my business to focus 100% on my essence, my energies and what wants to be created out of it afterwards. I am doing this twice a year, always after the Eclipses (intuitively), and it’s massively cleaning, inspiring and fulfilling. Especially this year of massive changes, transformation and big topics that want to be worked through.

So let’s talk about those. How are you doing in Leo season? Is it already a little bit lighter? Where are you in your very own healing and transformation process?
Have you already worked through specific karmic processes? As the universe wants you to do so. To come to a state, where you already understand better and maybe even are allowed to dive now deeper into the topic, with love and understanding, with strength and excitement to receive new messages, that bring you further.
Especially this week – before the universe creates a New Moon in Leo next week – is perfect for clearing the space, inside out, before diving into a new cycle.

So what do we have specifically in this week?
We start the week with the Moon being in Taurus, so if you can start easy this week – do so. Taurus loves to enjoy every second, fill the day with pleasure, treatments and lots of self love. Be creative, eat good food and do some mirror work.
We also have Mercury in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus. So expect some changes, enlightenments or breakthroughs to arrive in your mindset. Be massively courageous and speak your truth. And maybe this already is the change.
Know, that this year is hear to do things differently, to be differently and with this to become your truest self. Know your worth and act out of it.

On Tuesday, August 11th the last Quarter of the Moon is created. Stay strong, believe in yourself and give yourself some rest to see where you already are. Reflect on your New Moon wishes to see your journey through the Moon month and be grateful for all the good things already happened in your life. Know that the universe holds you and that it does everything to create the best path for you. Trust her and be grateful for her support. You are getting there, step by step.

On Wednesday afternoon the Moon leaves Taurus to enter airy Gemini. You may love to chat with your friends for the following days, be active, in communication and feed your mind. Do all of this and connect with the spirits of the wind.

On Thursday, August 13th, Mars in Aries squares Pluto being Retrograde in Capricorn and yes, this truly creates a highly explosive energy! It can be very deconstructive if we lose out temper and act impulsively. And this is possible very easily because with the Sun, as well as Mercury being in Leo – energies already are very hot and spicy. May shadow sides appear again? Definitely yes? Can we do something against it? Oh yes, definitely yes!
I recommend to take a deep breath and to center yourself the days around Thursday before acting on loaded energies. This can help you a lot in – again – creating transformation and becoming more the person you truly are. Remember to act out in love and remember that WE ALL get challenged this year so massively. We all carry our own transformation story in ourselves. Be patient and lovely with yourself and others. We all are doing our best.

So let’s head over to the weekend. We find Uranus, our rebellious visionary preparing itself to be RETROGRADE with Saturday, August 15th. Yes, another planet being retrograde. But it wouldn’t be 2020, if not every month a planet would start to stop wandering forward. So this time it’s Uranus and with Uranus all the shake ups and changes of 2020 wants to be worked through again. So what has changed so far? How has 2020 brought you more and more to your true identity? How has it affected your visions? What are your visions now and why? And how is all of this connected to freedom and abundance? Where do you want to break free in order to live more and more the life you truly want?
And even more important: Are the Aliens coming back? As yes, no wonder the topic of aliens and UFO’s are coming back on social media, news and co – this is Uranus playing wild!
So enjoy the next months with these topics – they want to be worked through!

Also the Moon is already in fiery Aries, so a hot and activated energy will be around the whole weekend! Dance, laugh, live and love!

And on Sunday, August 16th, the Sun and Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Aries. With the Moon also being in Aries this truly is a fiery day of movement and power. Also when our Sun and our mindset may find it challenging to more forward right. To really see the bigger picture. It’s time to just DO things and not to think too much about it. Believe in yourself and your super power and prepare yourself for the following New Moon to come. The universe wants you to fill your cups with ambition, with self confidence and purity. With movement, with body love and self love. Go in for that and as we also find Venus in Cancer squaring off with Chiron being Retrograde in Aries, our hurted feelings want to be nurtured. Especially when it comes to our body and self image. You are good and beautiful and perfect the way you are. You are loved and supported. Believe in yourself, believe in your future and ENJOY LIFE!

With this I wish you a beautiful week and I send so much love to you!!

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