New Moon in Leo Week!
So I guess it will be a fiery powerful one!
Truth is: Although the New Moon will be created in our creation sign Leo, the main energy will already change quickly afterward, as not only the Sun enters well-ordered and structured Virgo, but also Mercury. But more to that later on, let’s start with the beginning!

So on Monday, August 17th the Moon will already be in fiery Leo and she will stay in Leo until Wednesday, 10:21 AM, Berlin time. So in this period of time it is also the best time to create your very New Moon in Leo Manifestation Ritual. The New Moon will be created on Wednesday, August 19th at 04:41 AM, so you can plan a little morning ritual or already celebrate before. But more to that in your New Moon in Leo Ritual Guide.

So let’s go back to Monday. Mercury conjuncts with the Sun, creating a very mind orientated energy. Both of them in Leo, and therefore also in a powerful, creative energy. How can you use your mind in a creative way to receive some breakthroughs? How can you be more playful in the way of thinking, speaking, writing, acting and being?
Play with your mind, play with your thoughts and you may receive an important enlightenment for the New Moon to come!

What already will be the following day on Wednesday morning! So the Mercury conjunction will still be around, so maybe start your day with a guided meditation, some movement and feel your body. Dance and feel every cell of WHO YOU ARE!
This New Moon will be so powerful to enter a new stage of transforming our karmic processes in powerful creation, so mark this day golden in your calendar!

On Thursday, August 20th Mercury will leave Leo to enter grounded Virgo and a few weeks of clear mind and start is allowed to follow. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, so it feels quite comfy in its home sign. We receive some superpower in being more focused and concentrated again and this is pretty good after the heatwave of Leo Season!
Also, the Moon will already be in Virgo and only two days afterward, the Sun is following.

But before the Moon will enter lovely Libra at lunchtime, August 21st, and she will be nearly the whole weekend and that harmonious and peaceful energy of focusing on the beauty of life!

On Saturday, August 22nd the Sun leaves Leo to find her home in Virgo and the main energy will change completely. I mean, yes, both Leo and Virgo are passionate. But let’s keep it real – they live and show it in completely different ways! Leo, the extroverted one, going out there, creating, doing and making all the changes needed with heart and soul and Virgo, that is more sensitive when it comes to thinking it through, using our mind, being more rational, reflected and down to earth. The season of routines, order and structure begin. The season of bringing our life back to clarity, to focus on what needs to be done in order to achieve our goals. Do you want to start a new education? Do you want to learn something you always wanted, but because of your old way of living, you didn’t?
Well, the following month is perfect for taking that step forward and focusing on feeding your brain (and soul {and body}) with everything that brings you closer to a true state of living.
Declutter your home, declutter your body. Clean yourself, create space for new energies, information and changes to arrive! Invite the new energy, with a new routine, an apple a day and clarity around, as well as within you!
The Moon will arrive at Scorpio in the middle of Sunday, so expect some intense feelings arrive in conversations, in working through the connection to your higher self, or in all your relations.

You got this! Clarity, focus and an open mind!
Love & Peace!

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