THE GOOD & THE BAD WEEK: August 24th – 30th

Happy new week, Star Family!
This week we start with a VERY intense and powerful constellation of the planets:
Mars in Aries squaring off with Saturn in Capricorn.
Wow! This isn’t the easiest constellation that we can imagine. To be honest, it can activate big and heavy topics, emotions and actions in our life. Both of the signs are in their home sign, activating the big fierce and fire of Aries and Mars of WANTING something big, a change, a big movement for a higher vision. It’s ego-driven and full of power.
Saturn in Capricorn wants to form massive structures, powerful leaders, long term law and orders.
Political formations and groups, but also on a private level may be formed to fight for a specific vision in life. This energy is not always connected with the best motive for the collective picture but is more to fulfill one’s own wishes. Powerful leaders, often the wrong way.
So let’s send out good prayers and energies that 2020 changed and strengthened the collective field to make different, better and positive decisions.
On a personal level make sure to focus your energy on to the good, to use your energy wisely and to better hold your temper and be quiet. Silence can sometimes create the biggest and loudest changes. Try not to act out of your ego, but remember that you are love.

It may not be the easiest these days, also because of our Scorpio Moon First Quarter Moon that is around the beginning of the week. Well, we feel a lot. We feel it all. And maybe we are even drawn into the spiral of over-feeling that brings us into the energy of over-reacting. Because of fear, because of insecurity. But I want you to know that you already have come so far and that you are doing so well. I know that you can transform your energy to the good side and therefore invite a little change for yourself and others.

The Moon is growing and so are we.

But it will get easier because of another important star event: Venus in Cancer creating a power connection to Jupiter in Capricorn. WOW! I love how this is happening only one day after the heaviness of Mars and Saturn. This is a good sign, this is a good move! As Venus is forcing us to create amazing energy of love and expansion, meaningful creations and decisions made out of the center of our soul. Our core essence. We are here to inspire, to do something good, to learn, to grow, to support each other, to connect, combine and expand in higher spiritual levels to become ONE.
I deeply believe that these two days symbolizes the good and the bad. The right and wrong.
Which decision do you make? How do you want to grow? What can you do for a positive impact here on this wonderful planet called Mama Earth?
This is powerful and it’s on everyone of us to implement change into our life! To leave the old behind, that is activated with Mars once again, and to choose the new. You can do this!
Step by step, but have to do it!

Already on Tuesday afternoon, the Moon wanders into open-minded Sagittarius and we already receive a hint of ease. The Moon is still in her Quarter phase, but it’s getting easier. Slowly. The Moon will stay until Thursday evening, August 27th in fiery Sagittarius and these days are best to broaden your mind to find your way. Read books, do yoga, catch up with friends (as far as it’s possible) and choose opportunities over obstacles.

We start the weekend mode on Friday, August 28th, with the Moon in grounded Capricorn and these are perfect to bring new learnings of the past few days into actions. In ordering in and creating a new routine together with the Virgo Sun energy into your life.

What will be very interesting this week is not only its beginning, but also its ending on Sunday, August 30th.
The Moon enters chatty, light and easy, funny Gemini and we find Venus in Cancer now opposing Pluto in Capricorn. Venus now wants us to use all the powerful energy we implemented at the beginning of the week to also give love to our dark side, our heavy emotions, our hurted heart, in order to heal. We can do this. We have to do this collectively. This is a new start. Again and again in 2020 and if we use these energies and guidance wisely we can heal SO much and therefore grow massively with the universe within.

You got this!
Love you!

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