Welcome to September and a month full of changes in the cosmos! MAJOR changes! Inside out.
And this month already starts with a beautiful, powerful cosmic event: The Full Moon in dreamy, compassionate Pisces, where we are allowed to even dive deeper into faith and trust to see the greater picture.

But let’s start at the beginning of the week. We still are pretty much in the energy of the intense Venus Pluto opposition and deep feelings about love and lover, past and new may occur. We may even find ourselves questioning decisions, feelings and no wonder – the Moon is already pretty loaded and our heart always gets a bit in confusion the closer we arrive at a Full Moon.
Find beauty and love in what may feel challenging right now. And maybe if it’s “only” to see your growth in specific situations. Your reaction, your thoughts and how you handle these feelings now differently. This already is a big step. Appreciate yourself and sit with your feelings. They may get even more intense the closer we arrive at the Full Moon.

And this already starts with the following day, Tuesday, September 1st. The Moon is entering water sign Pisces and is preparing herself to reach the climax in the early morning hours the next day. So if you feel a lot, let it flow. Read the messages and use it for creation. Whatever this may be. A dance, a poem, a painting, or just some daydreaming.
You are here to create love, compassion and alignment with yourself and the universe around. Be aware of the sound and smell of nature, of how you are one with the stars of the universe and make yourself already ready for your Full Moon Burning Ritual that will be best created on Wednesday, September 2nd at Full Moon.

Sit with your emotions, your past 4 weeks and get into situations, feelings, experiences that limited and still limit you in being 100% one with your vision. Go even deeper and wander back into everything that already happened in this year. How did this year transform you on an emotional level? How has your soul reached out for a greater meaning and how can you implement your vision and desire now more into your everyday life to fully live your soul path? Find the exact information, the radix, inspiring photos and your ritual guide at the MOONIVERSE CLUB and make it YOUR DAY. Honour nature, the animals and the big wide cosmos.
If you can have a bath beneath the Moon – this is the thing to do. Otherwise, have a Goddess Bath or Ritual Shower! Release to create space for the new!

Also at this day, Venus opposing Saturn, wanting us to create new structures out of love. What is fulfilling you the most. Where are you allowed to let go in order to create a life, that truly serves you and others?
Do something DIFFERENTLY! Uranus in Taurus wants you to leave the old and to bring some change into you how you appreciate your values and gifts to serve!

On Thursday, September 3rd the Moon is leaving Pisces at nighttime to enter Aries and if you would love to create a powerful Full Moon Ritual, do it best until this evening, as the Moon will already be in a different energy then.

With Friday, September 4th we are longing for movement on all levels. Not only the Moon in aries drives us to DO things and to finally see change in all that we create, but also Venus squaring off with Mars wants us to move in order to see the beauty unfold.
So where do you need a little kick in the ass, in order to get things done before Mars is going retrograde with the following week? Dance, do some yoga or get out into nature. Whatever it is – Shift your body, shift your mind, shift your emotions, shift your energies!
This energy goes on at the weekend and with Saturday on you may also start to feel a change in how we receive and give information. Mercury is sliding into Libra and where the last weeks, our mind was very facts-orientated, it gets a bit more ease now. Mercury in Libra is perfect for combining knowledge with imagination, with humor and your intuition. If you have to write some texts that shall bring a smile upon once face – go for it in the following weeks!

And with Sunday, Venus is leaving emotional Cancer to find herself in fiery Leo for some while! Wow, this will be a powerful time. If Mars wouldn’t be retrograde soon, I would say, use the next weeks for having the most sensual and holy sex life of the year. I mean – you can still have it, at least until the 10th of September.
But to use the energy in another way wisely would be to find the power and self-confidence and doing and being what and who you truly love! Giving all your energy, devotion, passion and willpower into following your values and your vision. To fight for what you truly want to create out of this big transformation process. This is big, this is life-changing. Whenever you find yourself struggling in moving forward in the following weeks and months, remember this. You are creating one of your biggest changes in your life RIGHT NOW.
Trust the process.
And as the Moon will be in Taurus the next few days, you receive the perfect supporting energies in making the first decision for this journey. Choosing yourself and your values. Choosing massively growth and creating a long-term vision. Choosing a life of having more and enough, being happy and fulfilled.

You can do this and you will!

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