Happy Jupiter direct and happy Venus Gate!
What a magical start of the week we have, full of growth, love and expansion!
The exact energies to start our New Moon week when we start a journey of manifestation and making our dreams come true!
I for example start a week with a new Women’s Health Online Immersion and a new Spiritual Leadership Training. I am also currently working on my Dharmic Warrior Soul Path and reworking a Money Program Game for you Babes! Yoga, Pilates, nutrition, cleansing, planning, mentoring and doing the best to get it all together to create some new magic – pretty much Virgo Season, right?
The thing is, it all flows naturally into my life and I love to follow the flow of the universe. Also, I realized that life is so much easier if you truly live in the current ruling energy of the zodiac as you are using the energies that want to be worked with to be in the natural cycle of life.

So let’s start with this week and the energy of it so that you can also step into your very own power of your essence connected with the universe!

Monday, September 14th:
The Moon already is in fiery Leo – a powerful energy to start this week with passion and love. Especially when the Universe also opens the portal of the Venus Gate. A beautiful day to connect with everything and everyone you love. Also sit with your intentions and plant a seed for the last days of this Moon Cycle. Allow yourself to rest and to meditate, to sit with your feelings and your vision and to just be. You don’t have to do anything. The message will arrive on its own. Trust and surrender.

You may already experience a surprise when it comes to love the following day when Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Be open to new feelings, butterflies, or even a lover to arrive. It may be challenging, as feelings are mixed, but also extreme and with the Leo Moon you would be up for some hot fiery adventures. But damn, we also have a brain. It is sometimes useful though, right? But maybe you are allowed to let go of it – only for today. Tomorrow you will feel more rational again anyway, as she will enter Virgo.
Use this day to get out of old pattern, the connection from the Sun to Pluto allows us to make a big step into the future.

At the night the Moon wanders into intelligent and well-organized Virgo and this is also the time the Moon turns slowly dark again. She is preparing to start her new journey with the New Moo on Thursday, September 17th at 1 PM.
Use these days around the New Moon to wander inwards and reflect on the last 4 weeks. What have changed in the last few weeks? Did your last New Moon wishes come true and what do you want to manifest for the following Moon cycle?
The Universe wants you to build a new cycle of clarity and focus and inner faith to follow your soul path and to create the vision for what the rest of the year holds for you. We are entering also a bigger cycle of rest and reflection as we step deeper and deeper into the last months of the year. It’s time to harvest what we planted and it’s also time to see what the future may hold for us.
If you want to learn something new, get that book, get that online course, do that training, or get that mentor. We are here to grow and now is the right time to feed your mind and soul.
Also the New Moon makes a wonderful connection to Saturn in Capricorn. So I guess we are allowed to let in new structures, new orders, new routines and some powerful support to achieve our visions! You got this, Babe!
Watch out for your special content to this New Moon in the MOONIVERSE CLUB.

The rest of the week will be soft and easy, totally in the mood of beginning something new. The Moon will be in lovely Libra until Saturday evening, letting us see life through soft pink glasses of love and beauty! Do something that inspires you. Visit the museum, write a poem, have a walk in nature or drinks with your loved ones to speak endlessly of everything you are desiring and planning for the rest of the year.
Get inspired, get connected – It’s a weekend for two or more. And if your loved ones are too far away, have a Zoom-Dinner of Shopping Call together! Get creative!

Sunday, September 20th can get emotional, as the Moon is in deep and sensual Scorpio, but it can also get adventurous on a sexual level. Manifestations through sex-magic. Ever heard about it? It works wonder! And no, you don’t need a partner to do so!

So I wish you a beautiful new week of surprises, magic and wonderful opportunities to grow!
Love you deeply! You got this! I believe in you!
xx, Lori

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