THE WEEK WHEN AUTUMN STARTS: September 21st – 27th

Happy autumn equinox!
Tomorrow, September 22nd is the day when the Sun is wandering into harmonious, lovely Libra and with it, we are transitioning in a more cal and dark period of our year.
It is the start of the second half of the astrological year, when day and night become equally long and we are asked, to cultivate the home of our soul even more to illuminate the radiance of our brightest light.
We are allowed to make ourselves ready for the cosy, melancholic autumn days and more, the dark and cold winter days to come. This we do by implementing pure love into our everyday life. There’s a reason, why autumn is invited with the most lovely and balancing sign of Libra. Libra is here to learn the most authentical, real feeling of love. And love always starts at yourself.

You first have to love yourself, in order to love others unconditionally and to be loved the way you so deserve it.

So we are allowed to start a massive Self-Love Journey of 4 weeks (and best forever on!) with this autumn equinox.
What can you do on a daily base to practice self-love and to bring more love and peace into your soul?
What can you do to shine brighter in your very own light in order to enlighten your inner soul home and furthermore all the people surrounding you?

Practice Mirror Work, be conscious about how you communicate with yourself and allow yourself to see your true light.

After Mercury is squaring Pluto at the beginning of the week, it squares Saturn on Wednesday, September 23rd. While it already brought secrets and things, that were hidden for a long time back to our mind at the beginning of the week, we are now allowed to use these insights to make a change. To create a difference. To not fall back into old pattern, but to think, feel and therefore act differently. It all starts at our mind and this is also where change is created.

“It takes a minute to change.”
– Tony Robbins.

It may be tension in the air and it’s not the easiest day around, especially as the Moon is slowly building a Quarter Moon, but know that all challenges are opportunities for you to grow. It’s on you how to work with them.

So the following day, September 24th we not only experience a Quarter Moon in Capricorn, that truly wants us to bring our emotional, but also professional life back into balance, to be structured and ordered and to take responsibility of our actions, but we also have Mercury in Libra opposing Mars Retrograde in Aries. Wow, breathe.

Breathe in through your nose.
Hold your breath.
And release through your mouth.
Good. Already better, right?

This day is here to focus on YOU and only on you. Where are you right now? And how are you feeling? What is your highest vision behind and where do you want to go? What is limiting right now to achieve this vision?
I want to remind you, that it’s not the time to blame the current situation we are living in, not the system, the society, your partners, family or history. It’s time to be honest with yourself and to realize where YOU limit yourself. As it is always on yourself. You are the creator of your universe and again, you can change it in a minute.
It’s the perfect preparation for the Full Moon to come in Aries, that will be created at October 1st.

The weekend will be in the energy of our rebellious Aquarius Moon. We seek air, freedom and people that inspire us to grow bigger and wiser. Meet up with your community and get into high and deep talk, as Mercury is leaving airy Libra on Sunday, September 27th to enter essential Scorpio. A time of deep and real talk starts, but also be aware that Scorpio is very mystical and has many secrets that lie deep within. Also, Mercury starts its Retrograde in October, so if you want to have some very meaningful and real conversations where you may also have to make decisions, do that latest until October 14th, as this is the day Mercury turns Retrograde.

So happy new week and happy autumn equinox!
Love you all!

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