THE WEEK OF NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH: September 28th – October 4th

Happy new week, sparkling star! This week starts with some beautiful news!
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Registration for my long-awaited Self Love Empowerment Online Course starts with today! This powerful Course starts with the New Moon in Scorpio on November 15th and I will hold space for some limited women in Live Sessions, as well as in pre-recorded Modules.
Make sure to save your special space and Early Bird Ticket, as tickets usually sell quickly and the price will rise the sooner we get to the start of the Course.

I am so excited for this journey, as EVERYTHING starts at your self-worth. May it be about the relation to others, your love life, money, success, wealth & abundance – It all starts at the relationship to yourself.

The thing is: We all have a limiting blueprint that constantly subconsciously distracts us from growing big! And then there’s our ego, that loves to stay in its comfort zone.
The good thing: Everyone can work it through and make THE change in its game.

So here I am, offering you the tool kit with exercises & practices to once at all work it through. We will meet up, work on our past, go through ups and downs to meet us in our purest form again.

And the special thing about it?
I will also reveal how to read the code of your self-worth issues in your Birth Chart.
Doesn’t this sound amazing?


So jump with me on this phenomenal lovely journey to infinite Worthiness & Self Love.
Find the link for the registration here and I am excited to feel, heal, jump and rise together with you!


But for now, let’s get into this cosmic week as the universe already creates several new constellations that are allowed to bring some changes into our mind.
Mercury wandered last weekend into deep, emotional Scorpio, connecting our mind and thoughts with the source of our soul.
Those of you who follow me on Instagram – you may have realized during my talks about my past and my very own shadow work yesterday, that I am already deeply in that energy. This was Scorpio speaking, so also expect that some emotional topics from the past may come back onto the surface and know that this is good. You are allowed to see, how much you’ve changed, how far you’ve come.

We start this week in very similar energy as the one of the weekend as the Moon is still in rebellious Aquarius, and we are seeking of building our own rules, having enough air and space to breathe and being in a supportive community of like-minded people.
It’s a good day to share your vision and to have some real talk when it’s about getting things done, especially before the Full Moon in Aries arrives on Thursday.

Watch out for Tuesday, September 29th, as BAM – some big constellations will take part.
Let’s start with the good news. Saturn is going direct again! Yeah! Finally! So we will also experience a relief when it comes to leaving the old behind and slowly diving into the new.
This is big and will take part until December this year. But here we are at the beginning and maybe you already are allowed to make peace with the past to let it go. This is especially a part when it comes to the Full Moon to follow.
Mars in Aries being Retrograde will square our freshly direct Saturn in Capricorn and this is also a sign of the universe to finally break the old system and law, as the old way won’t get us into the future we need!

We have to do something different in order to open new doors for change!

The fall of the system, the fight for freedom, for change, for justice and new structures! People will be back again and again on the streets fighting for their rights, as Mars will square the Capricorn planets as well again.

Also, our wound may be opened again, as the Sun is shining her light on her while opposing Chiron this day. So emotions surely will be high! Oh, and did I already mention the Moon in emotional Pisces? Better have some smudges, CBD oil and a meditation playlist prepared to balance all the feelings.

But let’s wander further to Thursday, October 1st.
The Moon will already be in fiery, driven and loaded Aries, making herself ready to create a massive Full Moon of self-reflection and honesty in Aries at night.
What a great day to meet yourself exactly where you are and to not blame others for your current situation, but to only focus on yourself. You are here to learn, to see, to feel, to listen, to heal, to transform and to grow. This Full Moon in Aries is like a Mirror. It opens a portal to the truth of ourselves. We are massively allowed to learn by our greatest teacher, our self. But we can only understand and transform if we rest and open our hearts for receiving support and help. In form of messages, signs, or people that we finally let into our soul. Making ourselves vulnerable to finally see and speak the truth. This is important to heal, Babe! Especially as this Full Moon is created so close to Chiron our wound! It wants to be healed and transformed!
You got this, babe! Let go of your ego and find yourself. The real self.

And don’t forget to breathe. Deeply, with a focus on the exhalation. Let it all out.

Friday, October 2nd, Venus is entering Virgo and while Venus loved to enjoy life and love the best over the last few weeks, she now seeks stability and decisions.
Our heart starts to think and even criticize a lot and what felt easy and even playful in relations in the last few weeks, will start to get more analyzed now. Don’t overthink but beware that your soul needs security and someone and something to rely on.
Darker and more chilly and short days are coming and our subconscious mind, as well as the Sun in Libra is seeking deep and real connection.

No bullshit anymore. Only the truth.
I guess this is a major topic these days!

Ps.: Also my special offering of receiving 22 % off my most favorite Moon Manifesting Program ends this day. So if you want to learn how to truly manifest and make your dreams come true – take this chance!

On Saturday night, October 3rd, the Moon is entering earthy Taurus and the best thing to at this weekend is definitely to do nothing. Nothing, but to eat a lot of delicious food, have a lovely face treatment, eating ice cream while watching loads of documentaries of even reality shows and just enjoying life. Well, okay. A walk in nature would be also good but don’t blame yourself if you just want to be lazy. It is okay, just do at least one thing that makes you feel good and as the Goddess you are.

And some good news at the end:
Pluto, our planet of darkness, secrets, power and destruction ends its Retrograde on Sunday, October 4th! After being for about 6 months Retrograde! Aren’t this good news?
Hell yes, they are! We are allowed to slowly leave our shadow work behind and to rise like a phoenix into your new self! Healing and transformation take time. So allow yourself to rise into the new slowly and consciously. Especially Scorpio Season will be major in healing the past once more.

So happy new week! Happy Full Moon and I am excited to see you next week again!
Love you!
xx, Lori

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