Welcome in the last week of Libra Season. Do you already feel the change in the air? It slowly gets darker and deeper as we wander into the depth of the mystical underworld of Scorpio Season.
Our soul, our essence, the ocean of truth.

So let’s head into a new week where our soul gets ready to face reality in order to make decisions out of our values and the need to change.

Monday, October 19th, starts with the Moon in fiery Sagittarius that wants to create something meaningful, that is ready to learn and to expand in all levels. This is also how we feel, but there is still Mars being Retrograde in Aries squaring off with Jupiter in Capricorn where we experience again (as we had this constellation as well at the beginning of August) limitations in projects and visions that want to grow.
Let’s see this situation as a task of the universe. The universe wants you to once more experience this challenge when it comes to a specific topic that needs to expand, in order to make final decisions and adjustments in the following days.
We also find Venus in Virgo in a harmonious connection to Jupiter, so this supports us in making long-term decisions out of our true values, out of love and the connection to our Mother Planet Earth, as well as to the people we love.

Venus is very strong the whole week, as she is making “universal love” with all the Capricorn placements this week, helping us to heal and create out of the big learnings and changes we experienced in 2020.


On Tuesday, October 20th, Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Your mind may be tested and it’s not the easiest to communicate, so better check twice before making decisions. Also beware that no miscommunication takes place. We already are in Mercury Retrograde what is not the easiest phase, but with Mercury opposing Uranus thoughts and words may pop up in a surprising way.
If you allow this energy to unfold in its fullest potential you may be able to experience a breakthrough by following your intuition and letting go of overthinking.

On Wednesday, October 21st, the Moon wanders into grounded Capricorn and it’s a good day to get back into structures. When we look at the greater pictures, Venus trines the second Capricorn planet Pluto before making the last connection to Saturn at Saturday.
And all of this is good, as we already choose to connect with our values and the bigger meaning when she connected with Jupiter. Now we are allowed to give love to who you truly are. I want you to see the shining pearl of your center and I want you to truly honor and worship it. I want you to see the whole story and the bigger picture, as this is the preparation for when Venus connects with Saturn. This will be the start of new structures, new ways of living, new law and orders to create, act and be more out of love.

Remember we are in the last weeks before entering the new era – and these are the last weeks of reordering and restructuring. Not to say that afterwards will be easy, but it will be different and most of it: We are leaving big old things behind, that shall not be a part of the new.

In the night between October 22nd – 23rd the Sun will leave lovely Libra to enter emotional, intuitive and real Scorpio. Make yourself ready for 4 weeks of even digging deeper and deeper to be reborn out of the darkness into the new.
Yes, it will get intense, but to be honest: the whole year of 2020 is already pretty intense so we will be well prepared for Scorpio Season with all its big events like a Halloween Full Moon and Co to come.
The Moon will also wander into visionary Aquarius where she will stay over the whole weekend. This is good, because around the weekend we will have the depth of the Scopro Sund and the highs of the Aquarius Moon around. Great to center yourself in between and build the new structures and ways for the next new steps when Venus trines with Saturn on October 24th, on Saturday.

Sunday, October 25th, the Sun will shine her light on Mercury being Retrograde. This is a great day to combine your soul and mind with your center, your consciousness and to become aware of the secrets this Mercury Retrograde wants to reveal in Scorpio. The Sun shines her light on to the darkness and everything that is hidden for over a long time, so make yourself ready to explore or experience the truth in yourself and/or others.
Know that every emotion, feeling, knowledge, experience that pop up now is good and helps you to see the bigger picture. To make the right decisions and to move forward into YOUR future.

Take a deep breath and head over into your new week!
You got this!

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