My Loves, how are you doing so far?
Already arrived in winter time?
So let’s head into a new week an intense Full Moon in Taurus that will be created exactly at Halloween – the feast of the witches! WOW! 2020, you truly are the most mystical, transformative, challenging, but yet most empowering year!

This week starts with a constantly growing Moon in dreamy Pisces. It may not be the easiest day, if you have to be focused and get some structures for the week done. So if you can get yourself a soft start, where you are allowed to create some time for yourself, journaling, meditating, connecting with your higher vision and to follow your start of the week intuitively – this would be the best thing to do!

On Wednesday, October 28th, Mercury Retrograde leaves Scorpio to wander back into lovely Libra. While with Mercury being Retrograde in Scorpio it was all about the intensity of our psyche and massive realisations. Now that he finds himself back in Libra, he is allowed to combine these realisations with the power of justice and love. Everything we explore with Mercury in Scorpio and experience in Scorpio Season may not be the easiest. Now it’s a good time to empower self-love and to build a harmonious connection to our learnings until November 10th again.

The same day, Venus, the planet of love and beauty enters Libra as well. Therefore the deep emotional, often intense to melancholic vibe of Scorpio Season will receive more light and ease – for now.
Venus loves to be in Libra, as Libra is together with Taurus her home sign. Take out your pink sunglasses and see the world for the next few weeks through pink glasses – you will need some love and magic, as November will mark another big cosmic star event of 2020…
Enjoy the beauty of life, of art, aesthetics, the small things and get together with people that inspire you to strive for the good in life. If you want to dye your hair or make some other changes concerning beauty or your style – you may feel the GO TO in the following weeks.
And well, aren’t we all seeking for some beautiful new change at this point?

Also the Moon wanders the same day into fiery Aries, so the energy level will rise again and all together will experience more movement around and within ourselves. You may even feel overwhelmed, or busy, impulsive to aggressive these days, as not only the Moon is getting fuller, but with her, also you. Center yourself and prepare yourself for the massive Full Moon in Taurus to come. What do you want to let go of with that Full Moon, in order to become fully one with your soul and essence?

So the Moon will leave Aries on Friday night, October 30th, to enter Taurus.
And when we celebrate Samhain, also know as Halloween, the feast of the witches, the feast of life and death on Saturday, October 31st, the Sun and the Moon create a Full Moon in Earth Sign Taurus. WOW!
What a mystical, powerful sign of the universe! And this only some days as well before the big election in the US. I guess witches all around the world will connect spiritually wild to create magic!
This Full Moon created at Samhain is a big sign of truly letting go of the old, as the whole universe is preparing right now for the big last conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, that will be created November 12th. It’s time to dig out the deepest fears of our self worth to transform into our most honest power. It’s time to let go of wrong values, to finally be 100% true to yourself, your life, your future. You are here for a reason. And you are here for good. Remember that and also remember, that the only person you have to make happy is yourself. And the rest will follow…

Why this Full Moon will be an awakening, shaking one? It will be created in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus and this is BIG! Uranus is connected to earthquakes, shocks and big surprises. Uranus together with the Moon will move the Earth, so expect big nature events, of an overload of water, earthquakes or extreme weather around that day!
But we can also experience these shocks on a political field and with the election day so near – I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t this way. But still, together with a Full Moon on the day of death, that also invites a rebirth – this is even more intense!

So will this Full Moon be the easiest one? DEFINITELY NOT. But hey, we will make it anyways, but even better, if we look inside to start at ourselves.
You can do it, and know that you are not alone. There are several witches around you that are going through the same or similar experiences right now. Let’s open up and leave our protection field behind. Let’s get real and live our truth. This is the only life we have – for now.

Sending Love & Magic!

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