Wow! What a powerful Full Moon we experienced this Weekend in Earth sign Taurus.
Did you feel the loaded and deep energy in the air?
I received a lot of messages from you, my Loves, saying that you definitely feel, that something is up in the air and that it’s time to strengthen our very own power even more.

So here we are now, ready to do our best to stay centered and grounded. And good news: In the new month of November we find every Sunday of the week in a fixed sign, supporting us to ground ourselves before heading into the new week.
If you want to receive an overview of the whole month of November, feel free to head over to femtastics to watch my monthly horoscope, or read some individual guidance for your zodiac and rising sign at Another Me.

But let’s get into detail now with this week:
We start the week with the slowly decreasing Moon in Gemini, finding us already in a much easier mood than what we experienced at the weekend. While we wandered inwards at the weekend, we may seek for more communication and exchange at the beginning of the week.

On Tuesday, November 3rd, Mercury will be stationary direct again and this is good. As slowly many planets will start to wander forward again and we will feel it massively in the main energy, that our energy, as well as visions, projects will wander forward again. November marks therefore a big month, as 3 planets will move out of retrograde into direct movement. We start with Mercury and you will feel that everything around communication will be easier again. If you want to make some big investments or make some important decisions: now is the time for it again. If it’s really important and you still feel unsure – better wait until November 21st because this is the date when Mercury will be back at the position where he started his Retrograde.

The Moon wanders into emotional, sensitive Cancer on Thursday, November 5th and our heart seeks for soul connection and people who understand our inner world, what we all are going through on an emotional level. Because there is pretty much going on already for days or even weeks. We seek for people or a feeling of soul food, where we can lay down our mask and protection field to be our truest self. Do everything that nurtures your soul. May it be good food, a long crystal bath with lots of bubbles, journaling with hot chocolate or a good call with your family or friends. We need to take good care of our soul, these days especially.

With Friday, November 6th, we find Mercury in Libra squaring off with Saturn in Capricorn creating some tension in the air. Our mindset will be more critical and we may become aware of some new messages and teachings. Remember: we experienced this constellation already on November 1st, as well as in September. But head over to last Sunday. What limitations or critical thoughts did you experience, especially when it comes to yourself, your work, your vision?
You may be already a bit wiser now and the Universe wants you to now learn out of it to do it differently. How can you transform your limitations into your super power? Are you in need of new structures or a super plan to go? Or can you even implement new structures into your mindset to receive more clarity?

On Saturday, November 7th, we find the Moon in fiery Leo and this is also where she stays over the weekend. It’s a powerful, lovely energy to bring more joy and ease into your life.
But also I have to say that the Moon is creating the last Quarter of her cycle and this often creates a very challenging energy, because we start to doubt ourselves, our vision and our future.
Also we are heading into the 3rd Jupiter Pluto conjunction of this year that will be created on November 12th and darkness expands. Especially when it comes to power and people of power. Energies are still loaded, we are seeking for justice and change. We are restless and want the truth. Nothing but the truth.
Do the best to center yourself this weekend. Exercise breathing techniques, move your body and dance. Be the light you want to see in the world. Shine for yourself to shine for others.

We will see each other next week again!
Love you!

2 Replies on THE WEEK OF DECISIONS: Nov 2nd – 8th

  • inga says:

    What do you think Lori about buying a car at the next weekend would be ok again ? 😀 Love to you & your beautiful work!!!!

    • Lori says:

      My Love,
      if you have a good feeling about it – go for it! It’s so much about our gut feeling right now and now what we think is right or wrong. Do what feels good, what nurtures your soul and expands you in your essence and soul purpose. If you are still unsure, better wait until the end of November. The feeling of needing to break free gets stronger with everyday and if the car gives you that freedom – go for it!
      Love you! xx, Lori

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