MONDAY, Nov 9th
Moon enters Virgo

After the week of decisions, where we finally received an answer when Mercury squared off with Saturn, we finally start a week of spiritual transformation. We felt ALL feelings and somehow we still do, as we are still in the middle of everything and Jupiter and Pluto just prepare another big boom to explode!
Now it’s time to get back into our healthy, supportive routines to start this week right. The Moon in Virgo helps us to find and create clarity. Begin with a long morning routine, do your morning meditation, move your body, make a list of things you want to achieve this week and have that healthy breakfast that will make you feel good – inside out. You will need it, as we are heading into big transformational times…

TUESDAY, Nov 10th
Moon in Virgo,
Mercury enters Scorpio

The Moon in Virgo still lets us absorb information in a very smart and analytical way. When Mercury decides to enter Scorpio this day, our thoughts are diving deep into the ocean of essence. We want to seek the truth. No bullshit anymore, but only true and honest REAL TALK. For the following weeks we are able to understand everything that is happening on a more emotional and deeper, as well as higher level. We start to see the whole cycle of transformation and we may receive a glimpse of where we are heading. Secrets will be revealed to finally let go of the old and to create a fresh new start.

Moon enters Libra

Our heart starts to lighten up, when the Moon enters lovely Libra in the early evening hours of Wednesday. And I think that this is very needed, as we are heading right into the 3rd intense Jupiter Pluto conjunction that will be happening the following day.
So take this day, to fill your heart with everything that makes you shine inside out. Connect with your loved ones, cuddle with your pet, share gratitude and love and surround yourself with beauty. If you want some extra magic and guidance, I have a present for you: Alexandra Kruse and I will have a magical 11:11 IGTV Live Session spreading some love & light! Make sure to jump in!

THURSDAY, Nov 12th
Moon in Libra
Jupiter Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn

Here we are. At the 3rd conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto. We experienced the first on April 4th, the second on June 30th and now we are at the great finales! Jupiter expands everything it touches, and with Pluto its the darkness, intense power, but also the essence of constant transformation. We can definitely expect an expansion in governmental power again. And I speak about abusive power, but at the same time we will feel the good power grow. It’s about control and leadership and the strong will to use power, for good, but also for bad. So we will definitely feel some power struggles, as well as darkness to be revealed. And this has to be, because Jupiter will also expand the deconstruction of the old order!
It’s time to leave the old behind and to prepare for a new era to begin!
This is the start of the collective spiritual transformation!

FRIDAY, Nov 13th
Moon enters Scorpio
Mars in Aries Direct

Wow, and the next shift begins! After being Retrograde for about 9 weeks, Mars will start to wander forwards again in the late night hours of Friday. And this is GOOD. As finally everything that we want to create, all of our projects, visions, as well as our soul purpose will be moving forward again as well. We will feel more motivated and we will find a meaning in ourselves, as well as in the outer world again. After weeks of doubts and inner soul journeys, we are ready to show ourselves, as well as our big vision to the world again! So if you want to start or launch new projects or ideas – the universe is finally with us again!

SATURDAY, Nov 14th
Moon in Scorpio

Big changes ahead, right? This week already is pretty transformational and you can use this Saturday best to wander inwards and to reflect on everything that not only happened this week, but also the whole last Moon Cycle. On Sunday, the Sun and the Moon create the last New Moon of the year (yes, as the next one will be an Eclipse!), so it’s the last ones for setting your new intentions and making your big New Moon Ritual! Use this day to really connect with your emotions and feelings and to prepare yourself for the New Moon to come!

SUNDAY, Nov 15th
New Moon at 06:07 AM, at 23°17’ in Scorpio
Venus in Libra squaring Pluto, Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn

Welcome to your rebirth into a new era! Welcome to rising like a Phoenix out of your very own ashes of the old! Welcome to leave the darkness behind in order to shine your light!
This is a massive New Moon that will be created in Scorpio and remember: It’s the last one for this year, so better create a big feast of empowering all of your energies, your faith and trust and all your visions for the future! Venus wants you to once again see all the darkness to create new structures and ways for being reborn into your true essence.
Make a powerful New Moon Wishing Ritual, take a soothing Goddess Bath and manifest the most meaningful wishes for your new beginning!

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