MONDAY, Nov 23rd
Quarter Moon in Pisces

Welcome in Sagittarius Season and welcome to 4 weeks of expanding our mind to seek the truth! After the intense week of all the Venus tension, we are here to enter the new level. The Universe is preparing us step by step to make one shift after the other. Is it easy? Nope. Is it necessary? Hell yes! And we are getting slowly closer to the big last shift of 2020, that will happen December 21st, when Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius.
This start of the week is still shaped by the weekends Quarter Moon in Pisces. Give yourself time to start with light and ease into this new week. It’s the Moonday as well, and especially with a Moon in Pisces we need more time to connect with our inner world, our emotions and feelings. Make it cozy and comfortable and plan the week ahead. We are heading to a Lunar Eclipse, so it’s all about bumpering your heart and soul to prepare yourself for the last transformational Cycle of the year.

TUESDAY, Nov 24th
Moon in Pisces
Mercury in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces
Venus in Scorpio Opposition Lilith in Taurus

On Tuesday, the energies unfold into conflict of the depths of the essence of where we are coming from and into the highest vision of where we want to be.
Venus in Scorpio awakens the big ability of ancient knowledge and intuitive power in our soul. With Lilith being at the exact opposite of Venus in Taurus we are allowed to slowly start to connect our inner emotional world with our outer material world. Lilith desires abundance and growth, she wants to bloom in her fullest beauty. So it’s time to leave the melancholy of our inner learnings behind in order to live again. Eat fresh fruits, enjoy the small things in life and practice gratitude and abundance. Mercury and Neptune support you also to connect with your higher vision. Remember, your New Moon wishes are still allowed to bloom as well!

THURSDAY, Nov 26th
Moon in Aries
Sun Trine Chiron
in Aries

We already find ourselves in a complete different energy. The Moon left sensitive Pisces behind to enter fiery Aries. We already felt a change with Wednesday and we feel like being back into our power and we want to get things done. Especially with today, as the Moon conjuncted with Mars in Aries in the night, activating our soul purpose and the energy to go for it!
Use this day to work on your projects, your visions and wishes. Create a to do list and know that it’s already done. Move your body and shift your energy into all the levels that support you best on your very own journey.
The last few days it’s also possible that old wounds got activated as well. With today, they are allowed to be seen in a new perspective, as the Sun is shining her light in a harmonious connection to Chiron. If you are confronted with your wounds again, act differently and act out of love. Know that you’ve grown out of them and that you are bigger than the past.

FRIDAY, Nov 27th
Moon in Taurus
Venus in Scorpio Opposition Uranus in Taurus
Mercury in Scorpio Sextile Jupiter in Capricorn

On Friday we have a strong focus on Taurus energy. But while Taurus loves safety, values and stability, we may experience some shake ups. The Moon just entered Taurus and we seek for trustful and worthy relations, for security and grounding. But there we have Venus, the planet of love opposing Uranus in Taurus. Venus is in her deep, emotional and real Lilith energy, she is seeking depth and growth similar to the Moon in Taurus. But this is not what Uranus will teach us these days, as he seeks for freedom and abundance.
There may be some conflicts around when it comes to those two topics, but what, if we see it from a different perspective? What if we find abundance through the depth of our soul? Through deep emotional waves? What if Uranus awakens our inner wise woman so that we finally free ourselves and therefore everything we love?
Allow changes to arrive and know that they are good. The Eclipse is just around the corner and we definitely already feel her.

SUNDAY, Nov 29th
Moon enters Gemini
Neptune in Pisces Direct

The Moon is in Gemini, already preparing herself massively to create the last Lunar Eclipse of 2020 and trust me when I say, it will be intense. But of course. What else could it be in 2020?
Good thing is: Neptune finally also starts to wander direct again after being Retrograde since June 23rd. So everything around our great vision, our ideal picture of life is finally moving forward again as well and THIS IS GOOD! Neptune is the mystical planet directly connected to source energy and finally we also feel more aligned with the cosmic laws of the universe. Or at least if we open our third eye to find connection to the support of the higher energies. Strengthen your faith, empower your endless trust into the universe, into yourself and your future. Even though Eclipses always bring a big load of transformation, now that all of this happens for a reason. And of course you will also find some guidance for all of that from me at the end of the week.
Love, Lori

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