MONDAY, Nov 30th
Lunar Eclipse at 10:29 AM, 8°37’ in Gemini
Mercury Sextile Saturn

With this Lunar Eclipse in Gemini we are entering the new cycle of Eclipse Season, a phase where all portals are open to create big changes and transformation in our life. We subconsciously manifest our future – and with this Eclipse even longterm for the new era! When the Moon wanders into the shadow of the Earth, sunlight will be blocked to reach the Earth for conscious Manifestation. Still the Moon enlightens our emotions and with Gemini it’s all about knowledge and information. Expect strong feelings when it comes to news and information that we receive. With Saturn being in his last degree of Capricorn, structures and rules may be even more strict and hard and the news may be connected with exact these topics (Covid19, etc.). But Uranus being in Quincunx to the Sun shows us that we have to see the bigger picture in order to awake. What is true, what not? Seek truth and clarity and open your mind to receive a download of information. All the new information you receive on a spiritual level, even though they may be shocking and different from what you expected are true and here for a reason. Trust them, trust the process, the change to come, trust yourself and the Universe guiding you to a new level of consciousness!

TUESDAY, Dec 1st
Mercury enters Sagittarius
Moon in Cancer

After this big powerful start of Eclipse Season the Moon wanders into emotional Cancer, which even amplifies the already very intense and emotional energy of the Full Moon. We will feel a lot, and pretty much of it is still hard to understand, as the shadow of the Eclipse is hanging above us. But this is our mission for the following weeks: to seek the truth and to create a clear vision out of it. And this mission becomes even more important when Mercury enters Sagittarius with today. Mercury rules our mind, our mindset and our communication. We seek for our mission in life, our life purpose and we are eager to learn in order to expand on all levels. With the Eclipse energy of Gemini and Sagittarius around, we may get distracted very easily and it’s not the easiest to make decisions. But the Universe wants you to make choices in the following 3 weeks, as well as new commitments. And all of them are connected to your higher vision and your truest essence.

Mercury Trine Chiron
Moon in Leo

On Saturday, the Moon already is in fiery, generous Leo empowering us to shine our very own light. To enjoy the moment, to live, love and create precious moments that fulfill our hearts. Also Mercury trines Chiron, the Asteroide of our wounded healer. This creates an understanding and supportive energy, when connecting with our deepest wounds. Chiron will soon end its Retrograde to wander forward again and in these last days of being Retrograde, we are still allowed to reflect and wander insight in order to deeply see, feel and heal our wounds of the past. We already are at a completely different level than months or even weeks ago and with this weekend you may receive a hint of how it can be, if you act differently and choose love over fear when it comes to your old wounds.

SUNDAY, Dec 6th
Venus Trine Neptune
Moon enters Virgo

Today, the Moon leaves Leo at noon at night time to enter smart and well-organised Virgo. This creates a good energy for the following week to start.
Venus, our planet of love and all beauty of life, creates a harmonious connection to Neptune, our mystical planet of wishes and dreams. The wish for connection, harmony, love and creation of the higher vision in life may become even more intense for the following days. We seek to live in peace and oneness, in compassion and togetherness. But with the Sun slowly also starting a tensionable connection to Neptune, we may also experience kind of limitations or difficulties of finally achieving it. Saturn in his last degree in Capricorn still creates so many rules and structures that make it pretty difficult to be free and to follow our exact vision. But know, that everything starts within yourself. And when you are truly ready, the rest will follow and you will also experience it in your outer world.

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