This is such an important week, my Loves, as we are preparing for the total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius to come. The veil is very thin and we are allowed to care even more intensely about our inner world, our needs, our body, soul and mind. It’s not a week of over delivering, but more about resting and reflecting, giving ourselves time to sort out where we are right now, what already happened and where we want to be in the future.
The universe wants you to focus on your energies and to take great care of them. Do what nurtures your heart and soul, have enough rest (sleep is massively important right now) and create clarity within and around you.

MONDAY, Dec 7th
Last Quarter Moon in Virgo
Opposing Neptune in Pisces

The start of a new week with the Moon in Virgo would sound very good! If there wasn’t the Quarter Moon, that will be around until Tuesday night…
The Moon in Virgo creates the perfect energy to get into a supportive daily routine, to receive an overview and clarity of where we are and where we want to go and to get things done. Quarter Moons on the opposite make us feel kind of unbalanced, unsure and often in doubts and worries. We may experience the following two days as mini-challenges where clarity wants to be created. You are allowed to seek the truth and the Moon in Virgo supports you best to focus on what really matters. And this is your energy and the balance in yourself. May it be around the field of work and private life, as well as in the body-mind-soul connection. Neptune in Pisces at the other side helps you to see the bigger picture and to connect with your intuition. Create helping structures and clarity, but always follow your intuition and heart emotions!

Sun & North Node Square Neptune
Moon in Libra

Wow, the universe is activating big topics! Neptune being in a Square with the North Node, aka what we have to leave behind in order to grow into our purest truth, and the Sun, our essence has a big meaning and we will feel it collectively, but also on a personal level.
It is truly time to say Goodbye to what doesn’t feel good or right anymore. What doesn’t fit into our big picture of how we want the world to be.
Is this topic new? No, of course not. We already worked on this topic over the whole year. But right now we are at a completely different level than where we were at the beginning of the year and it’s time to take the last steps of “GOOD BYE!”
The Sun will shine a light on what has to be left behind in order to grow, but still it’s on you to do the work. To make a decision, to make that commitment. To say NO to what holds you back to grow into the most beautiful Star you are.
Will it be easy? Definitely not. Neptune activates our biggest hopes and wishes, but also our greatest fears. Now it’s on you to decide which shall rule your life.

THURSDAY, Dec 10th
Venus Sextile Pluto
Pluto Square Eris

And the big shift of transformation goes on… With Venus creating a harmonious connection to Pluto you are allowed to make peace with your shadows and secrets and you are ready to dive deep into the ocean of your TRUE desires. To explore EVERYTHING that you truly love and want to receive and achieve in your life. Create a Vision Board for 2021!
See, how the connection to your past, your shadow self has already changed so far. This year changed you so much and I want you to see your transformation. It shall motivate you to passionately believe in your bigger vision and to never give up. Everything is possible.
However with Pluto squaring Eris that day as well, we can expect also some rebellious energies in the air, especially when it comes to fighting for justice again. When we see the truth, we not only see what’s good, but also what isn’t working as well. Topics about the truth, secrets and things that still need to be worked through in order to create a meaningful change in the future may come to the surface these days.

FRIDAY, Dec 11th
Sun Trine Mars
Sun Conjunct South Node, Opposition South Node
Moon in Scorpio

With this week, you already subconsciously or consciously worked through a lot. Take a deep breath and thank yourself for taking such great care of yourself.
Now with this day the Sun and Mars wants you to move forward, to take already the first step into your future. With the Sun being one with the South Node opposing the North Node, we really seek to step into our mission. And for doing that, we are still here, to let go of what is limiting us to achieve all of it. The whole week is a big week of reflecting, realizing, letting go and preparing ourselves for the new chapter.
So here is another chance of the Universe to let go of what is holding you back to grow into your purest self. The Moon in Scorpio is making you deeply emotional, but she also supports you in taking no bullshit anymore. Connect with your intuition, trust and follow her.
You are doing intensively important inner soul work right now, that your 2021 future self will thank you massively!

SUNDAY, Dec 13th
Mercury Square Neptune
Chiron Trine Moon in Sagittarius

This weekend is here to prepare you best for the total Solar Eclipse to come on Monday, Dec 14th. Use it to wander inwards and to nurture your soul the best you can!
There may be a fog of confusion around, of uncertainty of what’s our biggest vision and what is only an illusion. This will be intensified by the Solar Eclipse to come. We may feel heaviness in our soul but also in our body, Make sure to drink a lot of water and to receive enough fresh air! If you feel like just wanting to spend this weekend in your bed – this is okay, but do the best to still make you feel good by caring for yourself through healthy food, a shower in between and as I said: enough water and air!
With this transformation to be created you may also find peace with old wounds. It is time to let go. Completely in all fields. Even though it may give you a sting into your chest – send love and peace to all wounds. You are ready for the big last transformations of 2020 that will mark a major shift in your WHOLE LIFE!

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