This week is a big week of inner shifts and transformations for the big uplevel with the following Jupiter Saturn conjunction that will be created on Dec 21st.
We not only start this week with the peak of Eclipse Season – a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius that will subconsciously manifest not only the following 4 weeks but also all the further years ahead – we also have several planets transitioning into a new energy.
Venus is leaving deep, emotional Scorpio to enter fiery Sagittarius, Saturn is leaving after 3 years (!) grounded, ambitious Capricorn to enter innovative and future orientated Aquarius and Jupiter will follow Saturn right after to prepare the big conjunction to come.
This is a big week of major inner shifts that we will feel on all levels. If we allow ourselves to open up for this change to come, we may experience a major upgrade into a new consciousness. For further information of each day and also watch my new video to this topic on Youtube.

MONDAY, Dec 14th
Total Solar Eclipse 05:16 PM at 23°8’ in Sagittarius
Mercury Trine Mars
Venus Sextile Jupiter & Saturn Square Mars

This Total Solar Eclipse represents the birth canal into the New Age. It’s the last big inner preparation of letting go of the old to enter the new. The veil is thin and all portals are open to bring transformation into your life. With Sagittarius it’s about the truth, justice, the philosophy and meaning of life, your purpose and mission in life. And only if you are ready to shed your skin, to leave the old behind you are ready to grow into your real self, your highest form, your mission in life. Are you ready to seek the truth? Are you ready to upgrade into the new level, where you are living your pure essence? Where you live YOUR life to create a beautiful impact for the world?
Be massively aware of your energies the days around this Eclipse. Although we can’t manifest consciously, we do manifest subconsciously! Take great care of your inner world, rest, reflect and slowly build a vision for the upcoming year. Put yourself in a good, positive mood and you will subconsciously manifest magic into your life!
Please watch for detailed information my video to this Eclipse on Youtube!

TUESDAY, Dec 15th
Venus enters Sagittarius
Chiron direct
Moon enters Capricorn

After we started the new week with the big peak of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius we are allowed to even deepen the meaningful, expanding energy of Sagittarius. Venus, our planet of love & beauty joins Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius and therefore the fiery energies of movement, of expanding, learning and creating are getting even more intense. And this is beautiful, especially after this powerful Eclipse that reminded us that we are here for a reason and that we are ready to step into our full potential to finally live our purpose!
Venus still being in Sextile with Jupiter and Saturn allows us to find new structures and to expand in our visioning! The Moon in Capricorn supports us in grounding us and building stability within everything we are shifting.

THURSDAY, Dec 17th
Saturn enters Aquarius
Moon enters Aquarius

Well today is a big day! Saturn leaves after 3 years (normally Saturn stays for about 2,3 years in one sign) his own home sign Capricorn to enter our future orientated and innovative, rebellious sign Aquarius. In the following days Jupiter will follow and together they will create on Dec 21st the big conjunction that invites the New Age! Saturn in Capricorn meant law and order, responsibility, ambition and leadership. Saturn in Aquarius creates completely new ways of leading and creating.

We are heading from “I am your Guru” into “You are your own Guru”.

We don’t need abusive leadership anymore and find power in our own individuality as well as in community and collaboration. We can expect new major shifts in our system and society. New orders, new rules and definitely new ways and structures of living when it comes to medicine, the digital world and the collective.

SATURDAY, Dec 19th
Jupiter enters Aquarius
Moon enters Pisces

Saturn already left Capricorn to enter Aquarius and now Jupiter follows. Jupiter is our “lucky planet”, as it connects ourselves with our higher meaning and it expands everything it touches. With Aquarius it highlights all the weirdness and individuality – alien energy!! And of course innovation and progress when it comes to medicine and the digital world. Jupiter in Aquarius wants us to seek and create a higher meaning in the future. It wants us to look beyond, to expand our horizon and to create a positive impact and change for the collective – our world. It’s about embracing and empowering your individuality, because only when being in your truth and essence you will create magic!
Jupiter will stay for about one year in Aquarius, so 2021 is THE year of saying 100% YES to your freaky, wonderful, beautiful SELF!

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