THE AQUARIAN AGE: Dec 21st – 27th

Okay, Babes – how to start?!?!
This is the week that we’ve been waiting for the WHOLE YEAR (and even ages) and finally it’s here! So fasten seat belts and let’s take a spiral ride straight into the future!
We not only enter Capricorn Season that creates Winter Solstice, the feast of darkness to empower our very own light, but we also have the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius that invites THE NEW AGE!
And all of this already happening at the beginning of the week!
Also we are slowly moving out of the shadows of Eclipse Season to finally end this year in the following week in the bright shining light of a Full Moon in Cancer.
But before, we still have to do some work – especially when it comes to our past and old wounds, as the Universe is creating several Star events this week where we are allowed to let go of old patterns in order to be born into our new self again!

MONDAY, Dec 21st
Sun enters Capricorn – Winter Solstice
Mercury enters Capricorn
Jupiter Conjunction Saturn in Aquarius
First Quarter Moon in Pisces

What a day! We not only celebrate with the Sun moving into wise Capricorn Winter Solstice, the feast of darkness to inflame our inner light, we also have Mercury leaving Sagittarius to stay for a while in grounded and structured Capricorn. The main energies as well as our mind will seek for stability and a plan for the next weeks to go. It’s the best time to connect with your vision built in Sagittarius Season to now bring it on to paper. To build your very own Power-Plan to achieve all your goals for the year to come!

And then we have the great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius that invites the New Age! We are heading straight into a new cycle ruled by the element air and great visions of a better future of Aquarius! We can expect A LOT from this new cycle to come. Big innovations, massive progress in technology and we humans will become more and more spiritual beings! Find more information on this topic in my latest Youtube Videos and posts!

Mars Square Pluto
Moon in Aries

Mars, our warrior planet, is squaring off with Pluto for the third time this year and with this constellation Mars will once again activate the transformational process of letting go in order to heal the past. This time for real. We needed all of the other squaring constellations before to finally really release the old. It is again a powerful momentum for a change and also when letting go is not the easiest and we subconsciously fall back into old patterns again and again – we know that it is a constant process and it has to be done.

Especially this last month of December is major for a massive healing process! Not only of this year, but all the years and even lifes before!

Know that every person heals differently in his own way and even though you might get triggered in the following days to come, know that this is an invitation from the universe to be born into a new self.

THURSDAY, Dec 24th
Mercury Square Chiron
Moon enters Taurus

Merry Christmas, beautiful Star Lovers! This Christmas is due to all the Star constellations and therefore events on Earth pretty different than what everything was before. But let me tell you this: This is only the beginning and if we look into the future, all of these events will be way more different from what we can expect now.
Thanks to the Sun and Mercury being in Capricorn we receive some good grounding energy, that will not only bring stability into our mind, but what will also calm our whole essence.
That’s good. Still I have to mention that Mercury is squaring off with Chiron in Aries and we may get connected with deep wounds again. May it be in conversations with your family or loved ones or just in the way someone and something makes you feel. The important thing is to not fall back into old belief patterns but to react differently. Stay in your center, ground yourself and know that you are allowed to leave the old behind because you’ve already grown out of it. The Moon in Taurus will help you with it. It’s time for massive SELF LOVE!

FRIDAY, Dec 25th
Mercury Trine Uranus
Moon in Taurus

Thank God you did the Mirror Work and your specific Self Love practices yesterday, because guess what? They helped! And the Universe is with you as well. As with Mercury trining Uranus we get into the energy of making new steps forward. To awake, to see and feel clearly and to move forward. This constellation will truly support you in standing in your power through conversations and maybe you can even bring some new perspectives and enlightenments into someone else’s life!


Makes sense, right?
Remember that we are in a big transition into the new future and we don’t want to be limited by outdated beliefs anymore. Ground yourself, take a deep breath, do some more Mirror Work, give yourself some big hugs and choose LOVE OVER FEAR.
You got this babe!

SATURDAY, Dec 26th
Sun Square Chiron
Moon in Taurus

The next few days can be incredible healing in our very own essence, especially when it comes to our wounds and all the connected emotions, experiences and visions again. The Sun is squaring off with Chiron, creating a tensionable energy to only make peace with it some days later, when the Sun is creating a harmonious connection with our wound again. You will see that a lot can be released now. Also remember, that we are heading on to a big Full Moon in Cancer, that will not only be the BIG GOODBYE OF 2020, but that will also end Eclipse Season! Overall, the energies are slowly getting stronger, especially when it comes to your inner world. I truly believe that all the days from now on prepare us to completely let go of this year with the climax of the Full Moon on December 30th. We are wandering more and more out of the darkness of the Eclipses and into the light of the Full Moon in Cancer.

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