THE TRANSITION WEEK: Dec 28th – Jan 3rd

We’ve done it, sparkling Star! We made it through 2020 and we leave it with a big powerful BOOM of a Full Moon in Cancer on December 30th. This will be a big day of celebration, of connecting with our own feminine and our greatest desires for the year to come!
The new year of 2021 will start slow in the first days, but let me tell you that afterwards there is a shift of energy to come. For the first days of 2021 still give yourself some rest and peace, connecting yourself with your vision and all your goals for the new chapter to come. And for the rest, you will receive your weekly horoscopes, as well as an amazing Astrocast for 2021! Stay tuned, Moon Babe!

MONDAY, Dec 28th
Sun Trine Uranus
Neptune Square Moon

My Loves, I wish that you spent some beautiful days with your loved ones. That you found some guiding messages within your dreams & rituals of the 12 nights of christmas and that you created inner peace with 2020 and the state you are in right now. This week starts with the preparation for the following Full Moon to come. It is a pretty quiet week when we look into the stars. Not many big star constellations are happening (except the Full Moon in Cancer) and this is good, as we all need some time to just be & reflect. With the Sun in Cap trining Uranus in Taurus we are opening up for inviting the awakening and therefore change to come. Neptune in Pisces squaring off with the Moon in Gemini is asking us to use our mind & soul to dream bigger. What is your great vision and what are you allowed to let go with the upcoming Full Moon?

Full Moon 04:28 AM at 8°53` in Cancer
Venus Square Neptune

We bloom with the Moon! And today the Moon reaches her climax in super emotional, soft and intuitive Cancer. Cancer is our Mother, she nurtures our soul and heart with love and the divine energy. To end this Moon year with a Full Moon in the sign of the Moon – Cancer is a beautiful symbol of what 2020 wanted us to learn. To wander inwards, to reflect, to connect with our intuition, soul and desires in order to empower our soul purpose. Not to mention that we also had 2 New Moons in the Sign of Cancer as well, what is highly unusual.
What is nurturing your soul and visions? And what simply not? How can you strengthen your feminie to even step more into your mission here in life? And what limiting emotions and experiences, maybe even people are now allowed to leave in order to to empower your inner divine goddess energy?

THURSDAY, Dec 31st
Mars Square Moon
Moon enters Leo

The Moon enters slowly but surely Leo and the Universe is creating the perfect Full Moon Party energy for leaving 2020 and entersíng 2021. The Moon in Leo creates a fiery vibe of celebration, joy and creation. Use this day to shake your booty, to create a powerful burning and to end this year in gratitude, fulfillment and joy. Mars in Aries squaring off with the Moon in Leo activates a big push of working with your emotions to truly release and let go. We are also still in the Full Moon phase, so this is such a beautiful day to even dive deeper into your emotions in order to transform them to powerful vibes of love and joy.
Although this New Years Eve is definitely different from all the others we’ve experienced before, we can still use it wisely. We are drifting into a new paradigm. To celebrate the way we used before doesn’t not fit into the New Age. Let’s make it more meaningful, spiritual and focus on our values – as this is the future. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

FRIDAY, Jan 1st
Mercury Sextile Neptune

Welcome in the New Year! And welcome to a new start of creating enormous possibilities to grow, change, live and love!
Today is a good day to work with your visions and to already dive deep into them. Speak with a loved one about your desires and plans for 2021. To not only visualize them yourself, but to share it with someone you trust and love is super powerful. Every word has its own power and spoken out loud – it’s becoming magical. Share your vision and know that there are no limits!
Before heading to sleep go into a ritual or meditation to make your very own commitment for 2021. A commitment without any pressure but only pure love. The universe will listen and will support you best on your very own journey of growth in 2021.

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