Sparkling Star, this year already started wild & crazy, due to the last degrees of Mars in Aries, but it only tells us that we still have to take some time to overthink decisions & visions, as Mars in Taurus wants us to plant a new seed – for good. For something that lasts for a long time and that is allowed to grow step by step with our dedication, love and motivation for a better world!
With this week we experience a powerful New Moon in Capricorn that completely invites the new year and with this day I will also release my biggest project so far with you.
So let’s dive together into a new week of 2021!

MONDAY, Jan 11th
Mercury conjuncts Jupiter
Mercury & Jupiter trines Chiron
Moon enters Capricorn

This week starts with the Moon already entering Earth Sign Capricorn where she will also create a New Moon on Wednesday morning, that completely invites the new year.
So we already slowly get into the most female energy of resting, reflecting and healing in order to start a new cycle soon. Start this Moon-Day slow, give yourself time to get into the energy of new beginnings and allow yourself to feel everything.
Also Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius and you can expect some great breakthroughs & realization in planning your individual and most empowering visions ahead!
Maybe it’s also time to say goodbye to old wounds that are connected to allowing yourself to think BIG? Major topic in 2021 and also today!

TUESDAY, Jan 12th
Mercury squares Uranus
Venus squares Chiron

This day may not be that soft as Monday started. Although the energy is calm and it’s all about wandering inwards, the universe also creates some tension. Mercury and Uranus want us to think differently and to find some enlightenments within in order to move forward.
And there is Chiron aka our old wound that may trigger us again in what and who we love.
Important to remember is that we are always allowed to change the perspective and to see the opportunities in obstacles. This is what you are allowed to learn today!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

New Moon 06:01 AM at 23° in Capricorn
Mars squares Saturn
Moon enters Aquarius

Here we are! The Sun & the Moon create a powerful New Moon only one degree apart where Saturn & Pluto created last January the BIG BOOM on January 12th.
We enter a new chapter of reconstructing the tower that broke down with the BIG BOOM in 2020.
2021 is the answer of 2020 and although it will be already easier in the case that 2020 symbolizes the big breakdown – 2021 is here to recreate and rebuild the new, what will be A LOT of work! But we are doing this for good and we are doing this together!

This New Moon helps you to plan all your visions for 2021 ahead and to make your very individual power plan to turn your dreams into reality! Use this day to create a golden morning ritual by manifesting your wildest dreams!

THURSDAY, Jan 14th
Venus trines Uranus
Sun conjuncts Pluto

Watch out for this day! The growing Moon is already in rebellious Aquarius and the Sun conjuncting Pluto in Capricorn can be very powerful! In both ways – the good & the bad. Know that darkness can appear in the essence of people, as well as within yourself, but also be aware that it’s on you how to work with your very own shadow. Either you let it rule your day in a negative way, or you transform it into your very own power knowing the best of the duality of being.
We are at the beginning of a new cycle, so know the past, but focus onto your future. Jump into the cold water, do some crazy things that you feel good at and shine your light!

FRIDAY, Jan 15th
Moon enters Pisces

The Moon enters dreamy, harmonious and creative Pisces. This Venus-Day is perfect for doing everything heading straight into nature, being outdoors (as far as it is possible), best close to water.
Allow yourself to daydream, to feel and just be. This is truly a day of truly doing intuitive work. Meditating, journaling, painting, dancing, singing, working on your vision board! Go with the flow and let it be!

SUNDAY, Jan 17th
Jupiter squares Uranus

This day is here to finally awake in order to see why you are here! In order to finally realize that you are here for a greater mission! You are here for a reason and 2021 is the year where you finally follow your dreams and make your vision your mission!
Jupiter squaring off with Uranus wants us to open up our third eye to see beyond all possibilities. To be ready for a bigger journey, that will be activated massively with the following week when Mars meets up with Uranus in Taurus.
Use this Sunday and the days around to again work on your visions for not only this year, but your whole life! It’s time to step into your life’s purpose!

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