How was your weekend, sparkling Star? Did you receive some new insights of what you are allowed to create within your visions this year?
If not, know that you will work with them again and again throughout the whole year. Also of course this week, as the Sun is leaving disciplined and structured Capricorn to wander into galactic, genius Aquarius! The essential energy of the following four weeks will therefore be within the new Air energy more uplifting and mind orientated.
We also have a Quarter Moon in Taurus, and some supporting and demanding aspects that allow us to take great responsibility for all of our further steps.
So head into our new week and enjoy your ride!

MONDAY, Jan 18th
Moon enters Aries

The week starts after Jupiter squaring Uranus on Sunday with power and motivation, as the growing Moon enters fire sign Aries. With the Moon in Aries we receive the energy and drive to get things done and this is exactly what we need to start a magical week of ours, right?
Focus on what you want to achieve this week and how you can use your energies best to follow your soul path. Yesterday’s square of Jupiter and Uranus reminded us to follow our mission and to create something meaningful within our life. You are here for a reason – follow the Stars!

TUESDAY, Jan 19th
Sun enters Aquarius – Start Aquarius Season

Aquarius Season and therefore Birthday Month for all of you Aquarian Babes starts! And what a solar month it will be…! With the Sun in Aquarius we receive for the next four weeks enormous support in exploring our individual needs and qualities – everything, that makes you YOU! Aquarius vibe on such a smart and future orientated energy and they see beyond. Why? They use their third eye, as they are galactic beings, connected with much higher frequencies that we could ever imagine. This is why they seem out of space and too weird for the masses. But they are one of a kind – genius, intelligent, visionary, humanitarian beings and this is exactly the energy that we need right now! So empower your very own galactic Goddess!

First Quarter Moon enters Taurus
Mars conjunction Uranus
Saturn semisquare Neptune

Today can be a very wild and crazy day. Mars, the planet of power and energy, conjuncts Uranus, the planet of awakening in Earth Sign Taurus. We can expect some big shake ups, within our mind and soul, but also in the world. Especially in the economic field or on Earth in general. Uranus always brings with surprises and now it’s activated by the fierce ball of fire – Mars. All of this happening in Taurus is Earth and base connected. Taurus loves security and safety and isn’t that happy with big changes, but this is exactly what we have to learn again in 2021 – we have to create the change, as we are the change.
Also today in the evening the Moon enters Taurus and creates her First Quarter within. The following two days can be challenging, but NEVER doubt your precious soul! Know that you got this!

SATURDAY, Jan 23rd
Moon enters Gemini
Mars square Jupiter

This weekend the Moon is in Gemini and we feel kind of chatty and it’s very likely that we desire to be surrounded by people or to just be social again. Well, I guess this has to be through WhatsApp, Zoom & Co.
Still use this day to be in contact with people you love, that inspire you and that you can talk about EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to your higher meaning and visions. Share your true feelings, your ideas, or even your New Moon Manifestations, as friends are here to support each other throughout the whole journey that is so called life. Also there is such a power in sharing your visions with others. You make a commitment to yourself, your vision and also to the universe. On top you open up the space for others in helping you to achieve all of it. And this is what Mars squaring with Jupiter wants you to focus on right now!

SUNDAY, Jan 24th
Sun conjunction Saturn

Today the Sun and Saturn connect with each other in order to create a message for us. It’s about discipline and most of it responsibility. Self responsibility. While all the awakening is happening step by step on all different levels around the whole planet, it’s on us to take responsibility in order to make something different. If we follow the same old rules again and again, nothing will change, but IT HAS TO!
Topics of freedom and limitation will be around. What do both of them mean to you and where you have to build new structures and rules in order to make a change? Or do you have to free yourself from old structures to be free again? Maybe both! Know that it is on you and that you have to do something different for not only yourself, but the bigger picture – our future.

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