MERCURY RX AND A FULL MOON TO BLOOM: Jan 25th - 31st - Lori Haberkorn


This last January week really is a surprise package of the Universe.
We not only celebrate a powerful Full Moon in Leo with a Venus Pluto conjunction, that allows us to release all of our self doubts and painful experiences of the past in order to SHINE OUR LIGHT! We also are gifted with opportunities & magic already the day after, when the Sun is aligning with our planet of luck, Jupiter.
And we end this week with an event, that social media is hyping massively – MERCURY RETROGRADE. So grab your notebook and let’s get into the magic of this new week!

MONDAY, Jan 25th
Sun trine Chiron
Moon enters Cancer

Happy Full Moon Week!
The Moon makes herself already comfortable in cozy Cancer to prepare herself to reach her climax in Leo on Thursday. The energies get more loaded with each and every day, but this Moon-Day is here to remind you to take great care of your soul. Do everything that makes you feel like HOME. Burn all candles, cook yourself and your loved ones dinner and take if possible a Goddess Bath with lots of crystals and essential oils. The topics of self care and time for your very own desires and needs are highly activated. The Sun trining Chiron allows us to heal within, when we listen to our inner voice.

TUESDAY, Jan 26th
Sun square Uranus

Days around this date may be restless and we can expect changes to arrive quickly. Within and around. Uranus is challenging us to do things differently in order to achieve a breakthrough and freedom. Freedom in our mind, our soul, our whole being.
Uranus and therefore the topics of awakening and letting go from the Taurean security in order to create massive changes are BIG in 2021. And all the little things that we do differently on a daily base lead to massive changes throughout the whole year.
Whenever a decision is around the corner: Make it and stay true to yourself.

Venus square Chiron

Take care of your emotions today, as every little word could lead to an explosion of feelings. An ocean of tears – all inclusive.
Why? The Moon is in her very last intense emotional degrees of Cancer and emotions and energies are already pretty high as soon she will leave to create a Full Moon in fiery Leo.
Venus, our love planet, creates a tensionable connection to Chiron, our deepest wound.
Whenever you feel triggered, especially in any kind of relationship and connection – ground yourself and take a long, deep breath before heading into action.
Everything is good, everything is alright. We are just highly sensitive today (and maybe the days already before) and with the upcoming Full Moon we will slow down again…

THURSDAY, Jan 28th
Moon enters Leo creating a Full Moon at 10° in Leo, at 08:17 PM
Venus conjunct Pluto

Finally here she is: The Full Moon in playful, energized & warmhearted Leo! This day is POWERFUL! Her message and your intention is:


Let go of all your self doubts and everything that blocks your creativity, passion & lust for living the best life you could imagine! Remember: The Sun in the opposite sign Aquarius wants you to be your truest self in order to follow your biggest visions! This day is here to honor all your qualities & to step into your wildest, fiery power!
Beware of Venus aligning with Pluto thought. Relationships and connections can be highly loaded as well and maybe even hard experiences or shadows may appear. Remember, that Pluto wants us to transform & heal. So use this Full Moon Burning Ritual to release, forgive and get back into your power!

FRIDAY, Jan 29th
Sun conjunct Jupiter
Mercury semi-sextiles Venus

Oh wow! You will already feel so much lighter the day after this Full Moon and the Universe is gifting us with pretty beautiful constellations.
The Sun conjuncting Jupiter is like – HELLO MANIFESTATION GAME ON! Be very aware of your energies today, as Jupiter expands all of our vibes massively!
Your wish may come true quicker than what you’ve expected. The good thing? Our head and heart are with Mercury and Venus aligned to get into good, faithful energies. So if you want to make an important decision before heading into Mercury Retrograde, this would be a good day to do so!

SATURDAY, Jan 30th
Moon enters Virgo
Mercury ℞ in Aquarius

The Moon is leaving fiery Leo to enter smart and ambitious Virgo. We may seek some clarity and organisation this weekend and the energy would be perfect if there wasn’t something called Mercury Retrograde…
So it’s that time again! This time in visionary Aquarius and until February 21st. So if you have to make big decisions and investments – better wait until it’s over. If zoom isn’t working or you may find some other problems with your technical devices – It’s Mercury not only confusing us, but also the electric world.
Practice patience, reflect and rework your visions for 2021 and be very careful what you communicate how to whom. Fingers crossed and if you need some crystal magic help, use these ones: Amazonite, Selenite, Fluoride, Amethyst, Clear Quartz.


2 Replies on MERCURY RX AND A FULL MOON TO BLOOM: Jan 25th – 31st

  • Thank you Lori , intuitive I am making this changes since Friday 22.01.2021 ! Especially I d stopped IG and it feels only right and relaxing … taking care of the real life without being an entertainer for social media . It feels so good even my energies improve and this is only one of my benefits … ✨ enjoy your week and thank you again . lots of Love

    • Lori Haberkorn says:

      You are so welcome, Maria!
      Thank you so much for your insights! I am totally with you. Doing social media stops/pauses is so powerful right now! I experienced it on my own and it feels so good to just rest and be and reload our own energies. I think it’s super important to ground and center ourselves right now and I am happy that you do all of this intuitively!!
      Feel warmly embraced! Sending you so much love and magic!

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