Welcome to February, the month that is massively ruled by Aquarius energy, as we are starting with 5 out of 10 planets being in Aquarius, heading up to even 6!
But especially this week is also pretty inspired by Venus, our goddess of love and beauty. And she is triggering us together with the last Quarter Moon in Scorpio in some important topics, like love, relation and self love. Good thing: All of this is happening FOR you, and the other planets support us in receiving some inspiring insights in order to heal and move forward.

So happy new week and may love win!

MONDAY, Feb 1st
Sun square Mars
Moon enters Libra
Venus enters Aquarius

We start this week with some big constellations of the planets.
Although the Moon is entering into lovely, harmonious Libra, her planet Venus, the goddess of love, is entering smart, futuristic, visionary Aquarius. So with 5 out of 10 planets we already have a major focus on Aquarius energy. Until February 25th, our heart will be more focused on our mind than our soul. Together with Mercury ℞ it’s a lot about reflecting, connecting with our intuition and plans for everything to come and the following few weeks may not be the most romantic ones. Allow your emotions to still be seen and heard, especially by yourself.

Last Quarter in Scorpio

The Moon is already since Wednesday in profound, emotional and passionate Scorpio. It’s a good time to make a deep dive into the ocean of your soul and to do some shadow work. Especially as we also are in the last Quarter of the Moon Cycle. Usually we experience a kind of lethargic and still restless energy around these days, as we start to doubt ourselves, our power, our visions and the universe supporting us. And with a Scorpio Moon these emotions can be even more loaded. Do some breathwork, have a big focus on letting go and know that you are held by the universe.

FRRIDAY, Feb 5th
Venus semisquare Neptune
Moon enters Sagittarius

The insecure Quarter Moon energy is still around on Friday and it gets even bigger when Venus creates a not so easy constellation to Neptune. There may be a lot of fog around on this day and it’s hard to feel and think clearly. Especially also with Mercury ℞ around… We may tend to need more space for ourselves and our inner world. Give yourself time and space to honour everything you may experience and turn it into something positive or even creative, by doing something that fulfills your heart. Best would be to be in nature, to connect with animals, to dance, sing, paint, write …

The energy lifts up at evening, when the Moon is leaving emotional Scorpio to enter adventurous Sagittarius.

Venus conjunct Saturn
Venus sextile Chiron

Venus is playing big this week, as today she conjuncts Saturn, our wise teacher and also connects with Chiron, our deep wound.
Saturn will definitely teach us something when it comes to love, relations, self love and self worth. To enjoy the beauty of love. And maybe we get triggered within this topic around this day, but only to learn and grow. As the harmonious connection to Chiron really wants us to heal within these wounds. And often we only do so by experiencing the same sh*t again and again, so that we finally wake up and realize our self destructing pattern.

Venus will connect tomorrow with Uranus – the awakener that creates change, and the energy of this is definitely already around. So keep this in mind for today!

SUNDAY, Feb 7th
Venus square Uranus
Mercury ℞ semisquare Chiron

We are allowed to do things differently, we are allowed to create changes in relations to others, as well as to ourselves in order to move forward. And maybe it’s not the easiest, but it has to be done.
Mercury ℞ wants you to really move inwards to reflect on your wounds and how you want to live with them in your future. If it’s time to finally go work them through, or if you still want to limit yourself from blooming into the most wonderful and inspiring person, that you already am! It’s on you and this is the good thing, but also the bad thing. As it’s often easier to say than to do. Make the first step forward, get into action by moving slowly, giving yourself time to see and understand. You may experience some surprises!

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