THE REAL BEGINNING OF THE NEW AGE: Feb 8th - 14th - Lori Haberkorn


This may be one of the most important weeks of this year. For me personally, the REAL beginning of the Aquarian Age is happening, when the Universe is creating with 6 planets & Goddess Pallas a New Moon in the futuristic Air sign Aquarius. WOW! This will be super wild and crazy!
And the most beautiful thing? Venus is aligning with Jupiter, creating the big expansion of LOVE & FULFILMENT! This sounds beautiful after the intense Full Moon that we experienced 2 weeks ago, right?
So get into this amazing new week! The planets are doing fine!

MONDAY, Feb 8th
Moon in Capricorn
Sun conjunct Mercury ℞
Sun & Mercury ℞ semisextile Neptune

Start this week slow and steady. The Moon in Capricorn is ready to get things done and the Sun Mercury ℞ conjunction will bring enlighten your mind to bring some new ideas to paper. You may have some really helpful realization or be ready to communicate something deeply meaningful for you. At the same time this constellation creates a harmonious connection to Neptune, our mystical planet of higher energies. You may be highly sensitive and intuitive. This helps you in making decisions for your very own higher meaning. Use the power of communication today!

TUESDAY, Feb 9th
Mercury ℞ semisextile Neptune
Saturn sextile Chiron
Sun semisquare Chiron

Tuesday can be a super interesting day. The energy is already getting more feminine and silent, as we are getting closer to a New Moon. Mercury ℞ is still harmonizing with Neptune, creating this dreamy, aligned mind and we can use this day to really get into deep meditation work or intuitive writing.
While the Sun, our essence, is in tension with our old wound, Saturn, our mentor, wants us to make peace with it. But still, we have to get through some different stages while Mercury is ℞. We are still allowed to work some things through, but to be aware of what triggers you is the first step to transform it to light.

Moon enters Aquarius
Mercury ℞ square Mars

Well okay… NOW it’s getting weird! With the Moon entering Aquarius we find 6 out of 10 planets (with on top also Goddess Pallas!) being in the rebellious, futuristic Air Sign of a better world! WOW!
There is a big desire for change and freedom in the air! Of being weird, loud, quiet, crazy, funny, or whatever you want to be! YOU CAN BE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING! Now even more! LET’S GET REAL! But more to that tomorrow.
For today we also have some tension between Mercury ℞ and Mars going on. Watch your communication, because you may share impulsively some information that you will regret later on. Remember we are still in the Retrograde phase!!!

THURSDAY, Feb 11th
New Moon at 23° in Aquarius, 08:06 PM
Venus conjunct Jupiter

Okay, HERE WE ARE! For me personally THE REAL BEGINNING OF THE NEW AGE! As the Universe is creating a massively New Moon with 6 planets + Pallas being in Aquarius! A new beginning, a new journey, a new world. This is the message – 100 %.
And do you remember when last Full Moon Venus was in conjunction with Pluto – the darkness? Guess what! Now she is in conjunction with Jupiter – the light! WOW! What a beautiful sign!
Everything what & who we love is allowed to grow massively with the manifestations of this powerful New Moon today! Let’s create our very own uplifting ritual for making our dreams come true!

FRIDAY, Feb 12th
Moon enters Pisces

Let’s create even higher visions and dreams. If you hadn’t enough of yesterday’s New Moon then get into it again. The Moon is no longer in Aquarius, but we are still in the powerful manifesting energy of the New Moon (and still 5 planets + Pallas are in Aquarius).
Work with your vision board, get creative, dance, sing, meditate, write, or just lie at your coach and look at the ceiling. You will receive all the pictures, energies and vibes that you need. Just open your third eye and welcome to magic manifestation wonderland!

SATURDAY, Feb 13th
Mercury ℞ conjunct Venus

Have you received any messages of your ex-lovers during Mercury ℞ yet? No? Well, maybe today is the day. It’s no secret that exes are popping up again during Mercury ℞ and that our mind also often is falling back into old pattern. But when it aligns with Venus, the planet of love, well… Let me keep it this way: There is a reason why this person is your Ex and not your current lover. But on another note: This day can also be super supportive in finding alignment with old patterns, to realize them and to meet them with love.

SUNDAY, Feb 14th
Moon enters Aries
Mars sextile Neptune

Moon enters Aries, what is perfect for all of you Babes who are celebrating Valentine’s Day, as our heart and soul is desiring some hot fire! Little sidenote: No, you don’t need a partner for this!
But in general the energy is still super dreamy as well. Mars, the planet of Aries and Fire, is aligning with Neptune and therefore all of our greatest visions may become even bigger. We may long for more and Mars is supporting us to achieve them as he is giving us the Courage to JUST DO IT! It’s a day to not think too much, but to just feel and listen to everything your gut is telling you. Be driven by your burning heart of love and light and you will win!

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