The week of change is here! Yes, we’re experiencing the first of three big Star events of 2021 in the middle of the week. Speaking of Saturn in Aqua squaring Uranus in Taurus, our security will be shaken up a lot! Expect some big changes or surprises to arrive! Or maybe it’s you who creates them? Anyways, new laws, structures, orders in your personal field, but also in the economy & the collective want to be created. We feel this energy and shift again as well in June & December. But with this one, the first big steps into the future want to be created. We are also leaving wild & crazy Aqua Season behind to enter the high energy field of dreamy & compassionate Pisces!
So let’s fly high! You got this, Babe!

MONDAY & TUESDAY, Feb 15th – 16th
Moon in Aries

We start this week of change with a fiery Moon energy as the Moon is from Monday to Wednesday morning in hot fire sign Aries. We are allowed to use this energy to get into movement and to get things done. The Moon is also constantly growing and this is a good energy to make that call, to send that email, or to create a powerplan for your New Moon wishes to come true. Move your body, dance, get into nature and awaken the fire within yourself!

Moon enters Taurus
Saturn square Uranus
Venus semisextile Neptune
Mars semisquare Chiron

WHAT A DAY! Today the universe is creating a massive party of CHANGE in the universe and one that we will be celebrated again in June, as well as in December. One of the most important universe constellations is happening today and we feel it during the whole month of February. Saturn in Aqua is squaring off with Uranus in Taurus. Damn, our fields of security are shaking and the universe wants us to do things differently. New ways, new structures, new orders for yourself & the collective. Today and the following days it may be especially hard to leave the old behind in order to enter the new, as the Moon in Taurus is longing for loyalty & safety. But also Mars connecting with Chiron is telling us to get over our wounds, although they still hurt. What big changes are you allowed to create in order to grow? Expect surprising changes in your surrounding as well!

THURSDAY, Feb 18th
Sun enters Pisces
Venus semisquare Chiron

Today we leave wild and crazy Aqua Season behind to enter our 12th sign of the zodiacs. With Pisces Season the main energy for the following month is all about love, compassion, peace, and the higher wisdom of universe energy. It’s a great time to connect with your intuition, to empower the connection to your inner wise woman, and to open all portals to receive messages from higher spheres.
Although the main energy of the Sun is gonna be super peaceful and aligned, there are still the surprises and tricky energies of yesterday’s constellation around, where we have to do things differently. And with today also Venus is connecting with our wound. Meet her with love. Maybe you can transform it and create something beautiful out of it.

FRIDAY, Feb 19th
Moon enters Gemini creating her First Quarter

Quarter Moons are usually never the easiest, especially in Gemini. Gemini is our communicative two faced sign and the Quarter Moon has also two faces that often bring unclarity into our life. One half of the Moon is calm, introverted, female and the other is loud, extroverted, male. We feel both and the universe wants us to create harmony between those. This may not be the easiest day as you may feel unsure, restless and in need of support. Our heart is longing for connection, for exchange, so write that friend, call your loved one and open up with all the feelings and emotions, thoughts, fears and doubts you have right now. You will see that this will make things so much easier and clarity will come back again.

SATURDAY, Feb 20th
Venus square Mars

The days around this day of Venus squaring Mars are in a super tension, so better watch out! Venus, our female lover is in a super tension field with Mars, our male fighter. All relations to what and who we love may be more loaded. This can be perceptible in a kind of aggressive, restless energy – so better watch out in every kind of conversation (we are in the last day of Mercury Rx!). But it can be used as an engine of passion, love and lust as well!
Use this day for creation and make it better hot than blowing up your precious energies!

SUNDAY, Feb 21st
Mercury Direct

We still have the crazy energies of Venus and Mars around, but one good thing is happening: Mercury decides to move forward again! Hallelujah!
Everything around communication, decision-making, and our technical devices will get easier again and we don’t have to fear sending cheesy messages to the wrong people again.
Bigger investments and decisions are allowed to be made again, but if you want to be 100% sure, better wait until March 13th.

The bad thing: Unfortunately we will see less lawyers as cute kitties on our daily Zoom calls!

So happy new week, Star Babes!
I am sending you all my big love!

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