Welcome to a week of power, confidence and clarity!
With this week our emotional energy is already so different from the weeks before and we finally are allowed to awaken our very own Goddess again! Hell yes! How long did we wait for this moment? And now it’s finally here…
It’s about taking self-responsibility to be our own heroine and the Full Moon in Virgo at the end of the week is bringing the long-desired clarity again. Thank goodness.
So get into the new week and enjoy it at your best!

MONDAY, Feb 22nd
Moon enters Cancer
Venus semisextile Pluto

What a better start into the new week as with the Moon being in home sign Cancer at a Moonday. Start slow and easy, cozy and gentle, nice and lovely. It’s a good day to do some intuitive soul work especially when it comes to some old wounds, or painful feelings and experiences, as they might pop up. Look at it with another perspective in order to reshape your experiences. With Venus harmonizing with Pluto it’s all about LOVE OVER FEAR.
Take this opportunity and make a difference today!
And don’t forget to treat yourself afterwards – crystal baths or hot cocoa is very welcome!

Moon enters Leo

The Moon enters Leo and while we may have been super emotional over the last days, it’s getting more uplifting with today. Be playful and enjoy this day. The Universe has some good vibes for us up today. Use them to be creative, to get things done (with ease and joy) and be present in the moment. You may find so much beauty, love, connection and strength within the little things and with today the following days can be super powerful when it comes to moving forward. We are wandering forward to a Full Moon in her bloom. So show yourself, your qualities and the universe will do the rest!

THURSDAY, Feb 25th
Mars Trine Pluto
Sun semisextile Chiron
Venus enters Pisces
Sun sextile Uranus

Wow! What a day! A big loaded energy of love and power, change and healing is up in the air. All of it mixed together with the power of the Pre-Full Moon Vibes.
Venus wandering in Pisces creates the energy of Goddess Kuan Yin – PURE LOVE for everything and everyone for the following 4 weeks.
Mars trining with Pluto awakens a deep feeling of thrive and power, inner strength and intuitively knowing where to go and what to do. The Sun and Uranus with Chiron want us to experience some major breakthroughs in seeing the truth and acting out of it. In new self trust and confidence. YOU GOT THIS! Keep going, keep shining!

FRIDAY, Feb 26th
Sun semisextile Saturn
Moon enters Virgo

Empower your very own authority today. Self-responsibility is the topic of today. It’s time to really step into your power. We’ve been through so many ups and downs through the last few weeks (and months) – it’s time to stand your power again!
For this: bring some clarity into your state of mind. Where are you right now and where do you want to go?
What are you allowed to let go in order to achieve your visions?
Tomorrow’s Full Moon is the best time to let go and awaken your light again. And as the Moon enters Virgo already today, you can also create your Full Moon Burning Ritual already today! Get into it, get out of it and shine your light!

SATURDAY, Feb 27th
Full Moon at 8° in Virgo, 09:17 Berlin Time

We arrive at the bloom of the Moon – the Full Moon in Virgo. As with every Full Moon, we arrive at the peak of the Moon Cycle and the day with the most loaded energies. It’s about time to release excess tensions in order to step back into fulfillment. It’s a great day to declutter, clean your whole home, and let go of things, emotions, and belief patterns that distract you from perceiving clarity. Clarity in the outer and inner world. If you suffer from perfectionism or being too over-analytic – this is your Full Moon to say goodbye to all of it!
Create a massive Burning Ritual of letting go and bring stability, healing, and clarity into your heart.

SUNDAY, Feb 28th
Moon enters Libra

The Moon will be still in Virgo until the evening. So if you couldn’t manage to create a little sacred space for yours in the last two days, today is still a good time to do so.
Only at night, the Moon is leaving Virgo to enter Air sign Libra. With the Moon in Libra, we end this week with love, harmony, and alignment. Sunday night is here for self-love rituals, mirror work, or to spend it with someone or something that you love. Make it cheesy, sweet, and lovely!

Happy to see you next week in March again!
Loving you!

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