HEAD & HEART: March 1st - 7th - Lori Haberkorn

HEAD & HEART: March 1st – 7th

My Loves, this week is super special! I not only release my first book “Die goldene Magie der Mondin”, but also the energies are already so much more uplifting than in the 2 months before. I know, it feels like 2021 is already like forever and we are only entering the third month!!!
But also know, that from the astrological view, January and February were the most chaotic and intense months and that it’s getting slowly better with March.
Of course, nothing’s for sure and we still have super challenging parts within the whole year (remember we only experienced one of three Saturn Uranus squares and we enter in March the year of Saturn!), but let’s get into the new week with an open head & heart, as opportunities will arrive!

MONDAY, March 1st
Sun semisquare Pluto
Moon in Libra

This week starts with the Moon in harmonious Libra, allowing us to see the beauty in life. Nevertheless the Sun is in a tense connection to Pluto, our planet of power, shadow & transformation. We may have to face some intense energy struggles today, especially when it comes to our own power. Maybe you feel more drained to negative feelings, so allow yourself to look deeper into why you are in this situation and what you can learn out of it. It’s about realising your shadow and transforming it into your power. So what can you do to be more soft & gentle with yourself?
Let go and release.
You got this!

TUESDAY, March 2nd
Moon enters Scorpio

On Tuesday the waning Moon leaves lovely Libra to find herself in deep, emotional Scorpio again. Expect the following two days to feel super intense and use your emotions for creation. The energy is super passionate as well and if you have to work on a specific project, this energy supports you to dive deep and to get to the essence. Your intuition game is also very strong, so if decisions have to be made – trust your gut. You may also subconsciously seek for attention, physical closeness and sexual connection. Get into it!

WEDNESDAY, March 3rd
Venus semisextile Chiron
Venus trine Uranus

What a Venus energy on a Mercury days! Heart & Head – always the best combination. With today’s energies it’s about healing and moving forward. Especially when it comes to topics that are connected to old wounds, or painful experiences. Venus is creating lovely connections of understanding, learning and transforming. And all of this is also linked with who and what we love. Try something new, do something different and allow your heart to open up for magic again!

THURSDAY, March 4th
Mars enters Gemini
Venus semisextile Saturn

Alright Babes, today Mars is leaving grounded Taurus to find himself until April 23rd in airy Gemini. While the last weeks were slow and steady, as well as realistic – the adventure begins NOW!
Mars in Gemini is pretty much in movement. ALWAYS. Mars is seeking for the following weeks for variety, fun, exchange and a big move forward.

“Sleep is for the weak.”

Well, this could be the motto and also expect that your mind will be more restless as well, as Mars in Gemini is also linked to OVERTHINKING.
So still take some grounding energies of the last weeks with you, that you don’t lose your basis in the next few weeks!

FRIDAY, March 5th
Moon enters Sagittarius
Mercury conjunct Jupiter

What a lucky day! The Moon just left emotional Scorpio to find herself in fiery, curious Sagittarius again. And Jupiter, planet of Sagittarius and linked to luck and expansion, is in conjunction with Mercury.
I guess this truly is a day of having a big open heart and mind for everything to arrive at yours. Get out there, show yourself, your ideas, communicate and connect with others and the universe will be with you. You may receive some precious ideas or visions and when they come make sure to write them down as they may bring some fantastic follow up events into your life!

SATURDAY, March 6th
Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius
Venus semisquare Pluto

While the whole week was kind of easy flowing, with the weekend we found ourselves in the last Quarter of the Moon cycle and as you already know: Quarter Moons aren’t the easiest days in our Moon Month, as worries, doubts and fears may appear. If you want to learn more of the cycle of the Moon, I am happy to teach you everything you want to know in my new Book “Die goldene Magie der Mondin”.
But we also have another Star event around, that brings kind of mixed and unpleasant feelings up to the surface – Venus semisquaring Pluto. Be aware to not fall back into an old pattern, that you have already grown out. Instead strengthen your trust and power and choose love over fear!

SUNDAY, March 7th
Moon enters Capricorn

With Sunday, it’s already getting kind of easier. The Moon enters early in the morning earthy and stable Capricorn and therefore it’s a great day to reflect on everything you experienced this week to prepare yourself best for the week ahead! Already get into the upcoming week and plan your visions ahead. We are also heading into the last week of the Moon Cycle, as the Sun and the Moon are creating a dreamy, idealistic New Moon in Pisces at the end of the week and therefore I have many surprises for you!
So stay curious, stay magic and embrace all new opportunities for this new week to come!

Sending LOVE & MAGIC!

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