THE WEEK OF GOLDEN MANIFESTATION: March 8th - 14th - Lori Haberkorn


This week is pure magic – I promise. We are back at beautiful, powerful, supporting Star Events and the Universe wants us to experience a massive spiritual renewal! A transformation for good – to empower your very own Guru!
As it is time to visualize and manifest our biggest visions of our higher self! This week is here to not hold back, but to realize that you are here for a bigger meaning and that it’s on you to create your life. The Universe, spirits and higher energies will help you to dream bigger and to awaken the power within.
Get into it with an open heart and you will create and receive magic!
Little hint: Especially on Friday, as we will meet up to celebrate together!

MONDAY, March 8th
Mercury semisextile Neptune
Sun semisextile Jupiter
Moon in Capricorn

FIRST OF ALL: HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! You are here to create and live your life, in all your beauty, strength and brightness! We’ve come so far – let’s even go further!

And in terms of today’s Astrology:
This Moon Day is in a super visionary energy. Mercury harmonizing with Neptune creates a very dreamy energy that is connecting you with your higher wishes. The Moon in Capricorn supports you at bringing them down to paper, to plan forward in order to transform your wishes into your reality.
In the evening, we receive even some extra sparkle, when the Sun semisextiles Jupiter. Think big, think beyond and be open for miracles to happen!

TUESDAY, March 9th
Moon enters Aquarius

In the morning the Moon is entering innovative and smart Aquarius. It’s a good day to get into movement and to actually DO things. It’s a Mars Day and the Moon in Aquarius makes us feel a bit restless, as there are so many visions, ideas and thoughts and we want to achieve them all. We seek movement, connections and people that are on the same wavelength. Get in touch with your community, share your visions and wishes with others and you may not only receive support, but also new perspectives on how to work with them.

WEDNESDAY, March 10th
Mercury semisquare Chiron

We are already getting closer to the last powerful New Moon in Pisces. We are right now in the last stages of the Moon Cycle and we are allowed to rest more, to wander inwards and to
already prepare ourselves for a new Moon Cycle to come that will represent the end and a new beginning.
Anyways right now Mercury and Chiron are reminding us that often (and forever) there is some mind-work to do. Use these days before the New Moon to be super aware of your limiting thinking patterns and whenever they show up, do your best to transform them into love and light.

THURSDAY, March 11th
Sun conjunct Neptune
Moon enters Pisces

What a day! This day together with the New Moon in Pisces to come totally represents Pisces Season.
The Sun aka our essence, our center is aligning with Neptune, the planet of spirituality and higher energies. And as if this already wasn’t enough, we also find the Moon entering Pisces in the afternoon, being super close to the Sun and Neptune.
This is a day to massively awaken our own spirituality, the power of our subconscious mind and all connections to higher dimensions, energies and spirits.
Make time and room to work with your soul, meditate, communicate with the Universe and awaken your very own Guru! These days are magical!!!

FRIDAY, March 12th

The high spiritual energies of the connection of the Sun, Neptune and Moon are still around and we are in the final phase before the Sun and the Moon are creating the magical last New Moon of the Astro-Year.
It’s a super feminine, intuitive, powerful and highly spiritual New Moon energy – so what day would be better than this to create my Moon Book Launch Event together with you? To connect to get into the magic of the Moon, to manifest our biggest dreams and to awaken our very own Universe Moon Goddess within ourselves? Happy to see you at my Live Zoom Launch and excited to connect!

SATURDAY, March 13th
New Moon at 23°04’ in Pisces
Venus semisextile Jupiter (nearly conjunction Neptune!)
Mercury semisextile Pluto

It’s a new beginning at the end of the old to slowly enter another chapter in our precious cycle of life.
Celebrate this day as a new spiritual renewal of empowering inner love, peace and harmony. Venus is also in good connection to Jupiter, our planet of luck – bringing pretty good supporting and expanding vibes to this new beginning and she is also already so close to Neptune, the planet of Pisces and Spirituality. We are here to love and to live the dream we are wishing for. BIG VISUALIZING AND MANIFESTING GAME IS ON!
Work with rituals, gratitude, the communication to higher spirits and the universe, manifesting, the law of attraction, and watch your dreams!

SUNDAY, March 14th
Moon enters Aries

We are still in the New Moon High Vibe energy of Manifesting, but the Moon leaves Pisces already in the morning to enter fiery Aries. So we will slowly but surely get out of the dreamy energy and into the one of taking actions. Of creating and actually doing something. Maybe it’s already time to take the first steps for your New Moon Wishes??
Don’t think too much, listen to your intuition and if it feels like a “Hell Yes!” – GO FOR IT!

Enjoy this week and use it to create magic!

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