HOWDY ARIES SEASON: March 15th - 21st - Lori Haberkorn

HOWDY ARIES SEASON: March 15th – 21st

Happy new week, Moon Babe! How do you feel after this big Rebirth New Moon Weekend?
My wish is that you found some sparkling time for yourself and your vision to manifest your greatest wishes!
This week we not only leave Pisces Season, but also the old astrological year to start a new one with the pioneer of the zodiacs – fiery and inspiring Aries! The energy around and within will change completely and we will feel more energized and motivated starting with the end of the week! And the best part: All of this happens to completely step into our soul path!
So enjoy this New Week and celebrate yourself!

MONDAY, March 15th
Sun semisquare Saturn
Moon in Aries
Mercury enters Pisces

This week starts with a fiery Moon in Aries that allows us to get things done. Anyways, things may have to be restructured in order to receive a clear focus for your week to come. Due to the Sun semisquaring Saturn, things work out differently and not often – this is connected with delays. Be kind to yourself, slow down and remember – it’s a Moonday. So we are allowed to start this week at our own pace.
At night Mercury enters Pisces and until April 3rd we will be more intuitive and creative and our mind is allowed to rest. Clarity will come through feelings, not through straight thinking. So connect yourself even deeper with your intuition and higher self.

TUESDAY, March 16th
Venus semisquare Uranus
Moon enters Taurus
Sun trine Pluto

The Moon wanders into sensual Taurus and creates for the following two days a lovely energy of everything that is connected to your values. Give yourself time to ground yourself, to focus on what and who you truly love and treat yourself with something that pampers your heart! Venus and Uranus make you feel a bit freaky today and although the Moon in Taurus seeks for security, you may also be open to try something completely new! In the evening you are invited by the Sun and Pluto to reflect on your current self. Realize how far you’ve come already, see where you want to be and reflect on what still wants to be worked through.

WEDNESDAY, March 17th
Venus semisquare Saturn

Although we still have a Taurus Moon, this is not the loveliest day of the week. There is a love tension in the air and emotions can be pretty straight to cold. It’s not the best time to have romantic conversations or to make any big decisions when it comes to something or someone you love. Also money issues and worries can appear. Give yourself time to understand what emotions pop up, as when we stop to reflect we are invited to see their essence and to transform them into faith and trust.

THURSDAY, March 18th
Mars trine Chiron
Mars semisextile Uranus
Venus sextile Pluto

It’s time to get some things done. Especially when it comes to the limitation that still holds you back from stepping into your purpose! If you already feel the tingles in your stomach – GO FOR IT! Don’t let experiences and others hold you back from shining your light! You are here for a reason, so follow your dreams!
The Universe in all her positions today is supporting you to be courageous and to make a big step towards future. And this on a Jupiter day that is fulfilled with support, luck and expansion. Don’t think too much – DO IT!

FRIDAY, March 19th
Moon enters Gemini

On this Venus day it’s all about connection and communication. Get along with your tribe and talk about your wildest dreams. Open your heart, open your ear and see beyond!
The Gemini Moon wants you to connect with your sister, so do it and find magic within! This is the last day of the astrological year, so celebrate it with gratitude and love.
Goddess Baths included!
Crystals? Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Fluoride.

Special tip:
Watch your dreams! They may be important tomorrow…

SATURDAY, March 20th
Sun enters Aries

Goodbye Pisces Season and howdy Aries Season! We start a new year with a big boom of power, energy and rampant willpower. This is a new beginning, for nature, our wishes, ourselves. May we learn from nature and may we all bloom again, like the flowers do.

Special tip:
Reflect on your dreams. What have you dreamed? As with today’s spring equinox, the day is divided into 12 evening and 12 day hours. It’s said that what you’ve dreamed may come true today!

SUNDAY, March 21st
Jupiter semisextile Neptune
Moon enters Cancer and creates a Quarter Moon
Venus enters Aries
Mercury semisextile Chiron

Wow, there is a lot going on in the universe. So first of all, our soft and lovely Venus vibes start to get wild and crazy within the following weeks. She is here to burn for what and who she loves and after hiding for the last few weeks, it’s time to get into action again. Get the stone rolling when it comes to everything what and who you love! You won’t regret it!
At the same time the Quarter Moon in emotional Cancer still makes us feel insecure and doubtful today and this is okay. Know that it’s not on you, but the Moon making you feel moony. It will get better the next few days and you will find your power and strength again to get into movement!

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