UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & POWER: March 22nd - 28th - Lori Haberkorn


Yay! We start a new year, a new season, a new week and this all in one – TODAY! That feels exciting and of course the first week of the new planetary year has already so much power and love to give!

Why? Well, Venus in Aries will not only align with the Sun in opposition to the Full Moon in Libra that will be created at the end of the week, especially the new Aries energy and Mercury working with all of the planets out there are giving us thrills to get into movement when it comes to our soul path! So get into it and ENJOY!

MONDAY, March 22nd
Moon in Cancer
Mercury trine Uranus
Mars trine Saturn

This Moon Day starts with the Moon being in her home sign – Cancer. Start slow, but steady and celebrate the first week of Aries Season and the new Astro Year by enjoying yourself and your loved ones.
Today’s energies are wonderful and supportive, especially in making a big step forward when it comes to your vision. Remember: Aries Season is here to follow our soul path and to massively believe in all of our visions. Today is a good day to take responsibility for your mission and to get things done. The universe is on your side! 

TUESDAY, March 23rd
Mercury semisextile Saturn
Moon enters Leo

Today the universe reminds us to use our thoughts and words wisely. Keep it clear and simple and down to the truth. But also keep in mind, that we have a Cancer Moon around and people may be more emotional than usual. People might take things too personally or feel vulnerable, so make sure to be honest and direct, but in a kind and supportive way.
The energy will shift in the evening, when the Moon is leaving Cancer to enter playful Leo. More heart-opening and engaging days are about to follow!

WEDNESDAY, March 24th
Mercury semisquare Pluto
Mercury square Mars

This Wednesday may not be the easiest. The Moon in Leo is already pretty full of energies, making herself ready to soon create a Full Moon in Libra. And Mercury, our mind, is in a loaded connection to both Pluto and Mars. And as we know: Both of them aren’t the easiest, especially when being together!
Be very mindful of your thoughts and how you act out of them. Reflect on your subconscious and how it influences your mindset and actions especially on the days around this date. These are not the best days to make important decisions as you may act out of wrong thoughts and emotions. Wait and listen to your gut! She will tell you when you’re ready.

FRIDAY, March 26th
Moon enters Virgo
Sun conjunct Venus conjunct Chiron

While yesterday wasn’t the easiest, today may already look completely different. The Moon enters wise and organized Virgo and the Sun and Venus align in fiery Aries. This is powerful! Expect some lovely energies around and plan things that fulfill your heart and soul. The best way would be to spend some quality time with your loved ones, to have amazing meals, and to head straight into an adventure that feels like a “Hell Yes”!
Comfort yourself and pamper your heart with everyone and everything you love, as our wound might be activated as well. Focus on love and create beauty in every moment, as you are the essence of it!

SATURDAY, March 27th
Venus, Sun & Chiron semisquare Jupiter

Before the Sun and the Moon are creating a massive Full Moon in Libra, we are allowed to reflect on ourselves. The beautiful conjunction of Venus and the Sun is still around, but also with Chiron being in between, you might have experienced some situations, where old emotions wanted to limit you – again. You are allowed to realize where you are and where you still have to work on finding and empowering your very own truth. Be gentle with yourself. It’s a process and the following Full Moon in Libra is here to let go of everything you realized the days before. Allow yourself to see the truth in order to heal.

SUNDAY, March 28
Moon enters Libra to create a Full Moon at 8°18’, 08:48 PM
Venus conjunct Chiron
Venus semisextile Uranus

This day is all about love. And it all begins with the love for yourself. Self-love, self-worth, kindness, harmony, and balance – all topics that you are allowed to work with at this powerful Full Moon in Libra, where we will experience so much love with Venus being that close, but also we may feel a lot and are highly vulnerable with Chiron hanging there as well. Allow yourself to feel it all and to be so kind and gentle with yourself. 
What is the connection to yourself? How do you care for yourself and where are you still too harsh with yourself and are now allowed to open up in order to heal?
Let go of everything that isn’t serving you anymore and allow yourself to fill your cups with love, beauty, faith, and trust. 

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